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Our Mission

Voice.club is a motivational WebApp built to improve your reading, writing, script, music, and debate skills.

Your Digital Voice

Your digital voice is more important now than ever before.  In this age of “fake news” and “spambots”, how you present yourself online is vital to success.  Voice.club helps you build confidence and validity into your digital voice.  Improving your skills in reading, writing, script, music, and discourse, we strive to build integrity into every digital space you create.

Cherry Blossoms

The world had been grey for her a long time, almost as far back as she could remember. Where others sang and danced with joy,

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They have no idea what I have been through. I am strong, I am resilient, I have been nothing and now I am everything. No

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In only a matter of days everything had changed. Jack disliked change. Jack liked good food, a good bed and good company. Jack was a

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Baked with Math

Harry stood in the kitchen of the Blakes’ suburban home, his curved metal body gleaming dully between the short, chubby frames of the two young

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Flight Back Home

I observed her from afar, keeping my presence unknown. She was on her own for the first time, completely free. Usually, she would fly inside

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