A Diary

It is important that we understand how we perceive situations, and how we interpret what we see. I dare say most of us take in what we see without a second thought.

I believe it is only when we record, that is write down events as they happen, or have happened, that we become aware of our feelings, and the feelings of others. It is important to understand why we see things as we do.   By paying closer attention, we discover the words we speak and write are an inner reflection, and how we relate to people and our surroundings.

In reality we are all diaries. The numbers of days we live become our pages, our chapters are the defining moments in our life, moments that have brought about change, intentionally or by accident.

Fingering back the pages of my diary, I travel back in time, arriving at the day I retired. There are many reasons why this day is a defining day. It is a day of mixed emotions, as I look back in sadness for the many friends and colleagues who should have been here on this day, but did not make it, their last chapters have been written. I make a silent promise to myself that I will experience as many new things as possible, that this will become my longest chapter, full of new experiences.  In doing this I discovered my love of writing.

Fingering the pages forward, I arrive at the time I went back to college for English and Maths, and remember the last day of college, writing my first poem that recalls the face of each student and their own stories. 

I called this experience, My Journey, my very first poem.

My Journey.

Dandelion seeds, your wistful journeys into the unknown blown by the irresponsible winds, your final resting place not known.

To grow or wither, or stony ground, no petals for you.

From flower to flower leaping, living in the eleventh hour no time to waste no idle rest his only aim to fulfill his quest, how I admire that busy bee as he rides the winds like surfers upon the stormy sea.

This is our journey, your path.

We are drawn together by the seeds of learning and held together by the thread of friendships formed.

As one chapter ends another begins.

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Culture Dragon
19 days ago

I enjoyed this very thought provoking read. Especially liked your phrase “In reality we are all diaries”, and then again when you said “By paying closer attention, we discover the words we speak and write are an inner reflection”. Your encouraging words inspire us to write more, and also to pay closer attention. 谢谢 (Thanks) Eric!

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Leena Auckel
19 days ago

What a nice exposé! Thanks for giving us an insight on writing out our experience in a diary…living out a page a day and each breath inking a line.

Christer Norrlof
15 days ago

I recognize myself in your story, Eric, having started to write after retirement, with some perspective on life and memories. I have also noticed that writing about old stuff, chapters in my life, can give new and different aspects of things that happened many years ago.
Furthermore, I feel a profound gratitude for being able to read and connect with writers such as you in this friendly association. It comes close to the feeling of being family.

Susan Dawson
13 days ago

How often have I decided to commit my thoughts to a diary! I tried on a series of very difficult days when my father was found to be terminally ill – that was more a series of slightly poetic utterances. then when I moved house, recording a new start with mundane recording of not much happening. I tried planning diaries in the light of world events of a certain year whenever a grandchild was on the way, and lasted until about January 10th. My sister and I sort of diarised and published last month’s news in artworks, though not personal… Read more »

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