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Alexa - Setup In Non-Supported Countries  

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How do I complete the Alexa setup if my country is not supported?

Alexa setup is quite simple and painless, and is directly supported in many countries.  However, some countries are still unsupported, so how do I complete this setup if my country is not supported?

Of course, one solution is to simply wait for your country to gain full support - Amazon is constantly expanding the reach of Alexa.

But if you are impatient, or if Alexa is not working properly in your country, there are a couple of things to try. If you are finding restrictions in downloading the Amazon Alexa app because you live in, say, South Africa or Israel, you're going to need to experiment with changing your location.

If you are using iOS, that means changing your billing information through your Apple ID (though be aware there are complications with this if you have subscriptions, such as Apple Music). It's a similar process if you're on Android.

This may confuse your weather services and similar functions, so be cautious.  You can also change the location of your device within the web version of the Alexa app. Simply go to Settings > Your Device > General and edit the time zone and address.

Alexa and Voice are the future, so get ready, and get Setup:

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