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When I started playing guitar at age six, I never dreamed music would take me around the world ten times over!   I had amazing experiences touring USA, Europe, South America,  and living a decade in Asia.  I met wonderful people, and experienced many joys and sorrows.

Alas, I retired from guitar while living in China in 2012, and I did not return to music for ten years.  When the Ukraine / Russia war started in spring of 2022, I felt a calling to return to music.

Since I left all my guitars in a music studio in China, I decided to search for a new sound.  A close friend in Shenzhen had gifted me a trumpet, so I decided to pull it out of the closet, and start from scratch!

With my new instrument and sound, my goal is to bring classical and golden era music into the daily life, where I feel it is needed most.  Your support allows me to bring music onto the streets, and along with the music, maybe also a little peace ~ 谢谢 (thanks), Chris

ChinaBlues - A decade of music in mainland China

  • Shenzhen, China

    On tour with the "ChinaBlues" band.
  • Hong Kong

    High Society
    Classical Music
  • Beijing, China

    East West Jazz and Blues

Chris has shared music around the world...

Phoenix - peforms Chinese Classical Music

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