Allen had never seen such pristine beauty. He woke up with the zeal and enthusiasm that had left him long before. It was like being given a new lease of life. He’d only spent three days and he was bubbling with vigor and freshness. It was a bright and sunny afternoon. He decided to take a walk to the local market stalls.

“Good afternoon,” he greeted with an infectious smile.
Smiling in return, the man replied, “Good afternoon sir.”
“Your fruits and vegetables look clean, fresh and healthy.”
“Thank you, sir.”

“Oh! I want to also say. You are lucky and blessed.”
“Why do you say so, sir?”
“Yeah! It’s been a long time since I breathed clean and fresh air.”
“Wow! How do you survive?” The man asked with surprise.

“We are surviving. We wear purifying masks. This can be very uncomfortable but we have no choice. It’s the only remedy for avoiding unnecessary health challenges.”
“That’s a tough one.”
“Yeah! Indeed. Also, I’ve never seen such pristine beauty in my life. Your country Is laced with a wonderful relief and drainage. Wow! It’s like an art work.”
“Hmmm. That’s a nice compliment. Our government has laudable plans underway.”

“What plans?” Allen asked with a curious look.
“There are plans to revolutionize the country. We want to step up our technology. We have a target, to surpass other countries with highly developed technology.”
“Not with its attendant troubles.”
“What do you mean sir?”

“Yes, there’s a price to pay.”
“What price?”
‘Be ready to give up clean air. Be ready to combat heath issues and be ready to combat environmental disasters.”
“Health issues! Environmental disasters!”

“Yes, there’s so much carbon emission in the atmosphere. It’s causing a reversal in the climate. Hampering it. Nature is fighting back. It’s taking its pound of flesh.”
“Pound of flesh?”
“Yes. Revenge. We’re sitting on a time bomb. We’re devising means to defuse it.”

“I mean my homeland and its sibling nations.”
“Oh! OK. I hope my government will pay attention to all these.”
“Yeah! I hope they will consider their ways.”

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Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
1 year ago

This is a powerful and meaningful conversation, Thompson. I like your style of dialogue. It was very effective for me as I captured the message. Another well-written piece, Thompson.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
Reply to  Thompson Emate
1 year ago

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