It was five o’clock in the morning when I was awakened by the sounds of wailing from my neighbors. Laying there in bed, on my back, in a dimly lit room, I felt distraught and confused. My mind pondered greatly on what kind of events would lead to such an outcry.

“Could it be that all the firstborn had died? Was it a plague, like that of Egypt in Moses’ time?” I joked to myself.

I uncovered myself, sat up straight, and started to get off of my bed to investigate. As soon as my feet were about to kiss the ground, I felt a cold touch and enveloping around them. Lo and behold, the room was filled with water, about twenty centimetres high.

I called out to my husband who was next to me. We were both in total dismay. Moving around the house, we couldn’t find a single leak. I then remembered that it was raining in the middle of the night, at the time I had gone to relieve myself. That must have been the cause.

We walked outside and realized the entire neighborhood was flooded. People were crowded in the street with folded trousers and lifted skirts. Trash, papers, and hairs were floating all around. One family was crying about their dead baby, and those who lived downhill, closer to the N’zama River, were severely engulfed. It was a display of complete disarray.

The two of us had moved into the area a year ago, after the completion of the five-year Neighborhood Expansion Project that involved the clearing and urbanization of about 10,000 acres of land. We were wondering whether this had ever happened before. After asking around, everyone seemed surprised, and an old lady who had lived in the area for over fifty years said it was the first time the river ever flooded.

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1 year ago

This is a powerful story, Priscilla. Is it based on a true event? @Lotchie Carmelo wrote about a similar occurrence in the Philippines. We all know it was because they cut down the trees. What a tragedy. You are a good writer – we hope to hear more from you! Welcome to Voice club.

Last edited 1 year ago by Fuji
Marianna Pieterse
Marianna Pieterse(@marianna-pieterse)
1 year ago

Priscilla, I also wondered if this was based on a real event? It certainly felt like it, while reading it. I can just imagine the dismay of your characters. It reminds me of a couple of years ago when a river flooded in Cape Town, that runs through a caravan park. It ruined the homes of mostly pensioners. This was a very captivating story.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
1 year ago

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
1 year ago

Hello, Priscilla. I can feel the emotion of your protagonist, Priscilla. There is a resemblance to the story I made with relevance to the flood events here in the Philippines. I also wonder if your story is based on real events. You are a great writer, Priscilla. I am looking forward to reading more stories from you.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
Reply to  Priscilla Mandere
1 year ago

Carrie OLeary
Carrie OLeary(@carrie-oleary)
1 year ago

Hi Priscilla and welcome to Voice club. A very heart rending story, especially when we get to the end and read about the clearing and urbanisation. Nature truly is fighting back. Well done.

Julie Harris
Julie Harris(@julie-harris)
1 year ago

One of the themes that has emerged from this contest is the importance of trees. They really are essential to our health and the health of the planet. Let’s hope that the powers that be recognize that importance and stop clear-cutting. Cutting down our beautiful, live-giving trees is certainly not progress. Welcome to Voice Club, Priscilla, and thanks for this thought-provoking story.

Melissa Taggart
Melissa Taggart(@melissa-taggart)
1 year ago

This was a well paced story, Priscilla. It was vivid, I could almost feel myself there! Nature always has the final say. Great work.

Thompson Emate
Thompson Emate(@thompson-emate)
1 year ago

I love your story, Priscilla. It’s a good write. I most especially like the sentence, ‘It was a display of complete disarray’. Welcome to

1 year ago

Hi Priscilla – I just ran across this story, and enjoyed your writing. You seem to tell a story of fiction, but alas, based on recent real-world events, your story could easily be factual. Keep writing!

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