In the heart of a vast jungle, there was a beautiful lake surrounded by dense foliage. A delicate balance was maintained here, with each species playing its role in the ecosystem. The lake was filled with small fish, which the brightly colored macaws fed off of. And in turn, harpy eagles sat up on high perches, observing the jungle floor, waiting for macaws to pass by, at which point they would swoop down and grab the birds with their massive talons. Despite appearing chaotic to humans, there was a complex web of interactions happening in the jungle to maintain stability.

Eventually, a tribe of humans settled in a clearing near the jungle. They ate the nuts and berries in the bushes, but were soon drawn further into the jungle, searching for meat. When they stumbled upon the lake, they were overjoyed.

“We’ll never go hungry again,” one woman exclaimed as they watched the fish swim. But the village leader frowned at the comment.

“We need rules,” he said, “we can’t take all the fish.” The others agreed. They decided that each family would be allowed one fish per month, that way their supply would be sustainable. However, the village members were naive to their own greed, and soon began to fish two or three fish at a time, slowly depleting the fish population. Fights broke out in the village as they tried to find the perpetrator, each unwilling to admit that they had broken the rules. As the village order began to unravel, so did that of the jungle. There weren’t enough fish for the macaws, and so they began to die, and consequently, there weren’t enough macaws for the harpy eagles to eat. But once the villagers left, something incredible happened. The small amount of fish that was left fed the weakened population of macaws, and over time, their population grew, drawing the harpy eagles back to the jungle.

And so, the jungle remained a place of beauty and wonder, a testament to the power of balance and the importance of respecting nature.

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Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
1 month ago

Welcome to Voice.Club Mounsey. I like how you describe men as being the troublemakers who upset the natural balance, but then once they leave how nature can reset itself.

1 month ago

Ecosystems can recover if, as your story says, there is someting for nature to work with. Man has unfortunately annihilated too many species and wrecked entire ecosystems. Sensitive writing Coryn

Carrie OLeary
Carrie OLeary(@carrie-oleary)
1 month ago

Welcome to, Coryn. Your story reflects what can happen if any dominant species moves into a new area and takes more than they necessarily need. Even introducing certain fish into an aquarium can upset the equilibrium if the new fish feeds on the young of the existing fish. Removing the new and dominant species will restore the balance. I think using humans as the dominant species in your story was a… Read more »

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
29 days ago

A warm welcome to voice club, Coryn. Indeed, I like what your story says. The human is the only cause of all the environmental problems. They wanted to acquire more without considering the effect of balancing the ecosystem. So we are to blame. I hope everyone will open their eyes and take the necessary action and precautions to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Keep on writing.

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