“Where are you, Rahm?” Shaisha sounds concerned. She can’t fathom why my ship returned with the Earth climate samples, but without me.

“You should answer her, Rahm. It’s been weeks.” Clara has taken my whole story in stride. I never imagined that humans could be so understanding. Or so beautiful.

“I will. Just give me time.” How can I tell Dominion Ruler Shaisha that Rahmayel of Andromeda, who has never had anything but disdain for Earthlings, has now fallen in love with one?

Clara shakes her head. “Men. Everywhere in the Universe, the same.” I take that as a compliment. She thinks of me as a man, not an alien. The pale green fur on my arms and legs doesn’t repel her – quite the opposite. She adores my soft purple hair and lilac eyes. “You’re like a garden, Rahmmy,” she often whispers, stroking my cheek.

Clara was my first up-close human. I’d only heard stories about the selfishness, greed, and just plain idiocy that had turned their planet from a paradise into a red-alert climate crisis. I pictured humans as reptilian creatures with dollar signs for eyes.

When I introduced myself, Clara simply said, “Pleased to meet you, Rahmayel,” and held her hand out in greeting. No shock, no disbelief, no barrage of questions. Just acceptance.

We’d talked into the night, watching a glorious sunset reflected in each other’s eyes.

“I’d love to paint this,” I confided.
“Tomorrow we’ll come with easel and cello and celebrate my world before it disappears.”
“I will not let it disappear,” I promised.

I have all the resources of the Universe within range of my tele-transmitter. Tomorrow I’ll report back to Shaisha and start a new plan – heal the humans, not just their environment.

But tonight …

We’re at the beach again, which is finally pristine. The Dominion scientists will repurpose all the trash we collected. Tomorrow.

In this precious moment, sea and sky blend into a symphony of gold. Clara plays Bach. I paint.

Why did no one ever tell me about the miracle of Bach?

This jewel of a planet must be saved.

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Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
25 days ago

So Sweet that Clara sees the colourful alien as a garden and they are helping heal the Earth together!

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
16 days ago

Lovely and surprising, Julie. It’s great to think that the alien Rahm and the woman Clara are helping each other to save the world. Well done.

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