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2022-Micro-02 - "Water"

To celebrate Earth Month, we are honoring the very essence and source of life – Water.  We were quite taken by the whimsical drawing of the Water “Super Hero” by Kablam, but there is nothing whimsical about the nature of water.
Our beloved home is a wonderland of water. Rivers. Lakes. Ponds. Oceans. Artesian wells. Rain. Floods. Glasses half full or half empty.  Water can be gentle and life-giving or a powerful, destructive force. The best and worst of our world can be portrayed through the theme of water.
The young poet Hilda Conkling beautifully expressed the mystery of water in this poem, published when she was 10 years old, in 1920: 
The world turns softly
not to spill its lakes and rivers.
The water is held in its arms
and the sky is held in the water.
What is water,
that pours silver,
and can hold the sky?
Now it’s your turn to express yourself with 100 words or less inspired by “Water”.  Here are some previous water-based stories to inspire you:

Good luck in the contest!

Double-check your story against the rules, and make all corrections BEFORE you submit!  Multiple entries of the same story will be disqualified.

Ensure your submission follows these rules:
  • Correct length (100 words or less)
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Family-friendly content
Be sure to include a reference to water, in any of its myriad forms.
We are committed to strict moderation and curation to ensure that all content adheres to our family-friendly policy.  In order to have the best chance for your content to be published, you should avoid the following topics:

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