Contest – 2020-Flash-04 – Home

Over 120 Story Submissions

35 Stories selected for the Shortlist and Amazon Kindle book

Our Voice Team had a hard time choosing just three winners!  Here are some of the criteria we used to choose the best of the best:

  • Enticing opening
  • Vivid descriptions
  • Use of literary devices
  • Level of vocabulary
  • Stylistic consistency
  • Inferred background
  • Unique approach to “home”
  • Memorable ending
  • Poetic language
  • Telling old truths in new ways
  • Stories that leave us wanting more
Congratulations to the writers whose stories made the shortlist!
  • All selected stories were formatted and edited for publishing in our eBooks Collection.
  • Staff will select the Grand Winner from the shortlist.
  • Public voting will select 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners.
  • Check your My Account page to watch your likes and credits accumulate!

There’s a like button at the bottom of each story.  Each “like” = 1 vote.

(All Prizes and Rewards are only paid out via Amazon Gift Cards)

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  • Grand Prize (Staff Pick) – $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • First prize (Public Voting) – $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • Free Google SignIn, and Free Contest Entry

2020-Flash-04 – “Home”

Most of us have been spending all of our time at home during this global pandemic lockdown, so this is a subject many of us know all too well!  Now’s your chance to write about a topic as old as mankind, yet newly experienced during these challenging times.
For our current “Flash Fiction” contest, we invite you to write a story that features home.  Is home a place of refuge?  A memory?  Something longed for?  How do your characters think of home and what stories do they tell?
Good luck!

Double-check your story against the rules below, and make all corrections BEFORE you send!  Multiple entries of the same story will be disqualified.

Ensure your entry follows these rules:
  • Correct length (350 words or less)
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Family-friendly content
Include some reference to the concept of “Home”

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