Family-Friendly Internet Mission

Words Matter

How do we move towards a more Family-Friendly Internet?

Along with the power of global publishing, comes responsibility. We believe creating a safer internet is not complex; it is a simple decision of priorities.

Writers and artists have always been at the forefront of change. Today, our society desperately needs the kinds of changes that compassionate, articulate, expressive people can provide. The words we allow into our thoughts affect our actions. The words we speak to each other affect our personal and societal relationships. The words we write can sow hatred and division, or understanding and cooperation. It is up to each of us to make choices and set our priorities in every word we speak or write. At Voice Club, our volunteers make these choices daily, choosing to only publish words that promote understanding, cooperation, and a supportive community.Here at the Voice club, our priority is quality over quantity. We use “real humans” to moderate every word, to ensure a safe, positive, and inclusive club. Our volunteers depend on your support to continue our family-friendly mission, so please consider becoming a patron.

We are committed to strict moderation and curation to ensure that all content adheres to our family-friendly policy.  In order to have the best chance for your content to be published, you should avoid the following topics:
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