Harry Morris is an exquisite designer. His designs are unparalleled and sought after by most public figures. He has hit the crescendo of the fashion industry and his achievements are unrivalled. His journey to stardom came out of the blue and as some call it, an unexpected victory. He calls it fairy luck.

Harry Morris was a struggling designer until he met an old lady wearing a pair of brown clogs in a shopping mall. She was done with buying and was paying for her goods when she realised she had run out of credit.

“Ma’am, your card is invalid. You are out of credit,” the cashier told her.
Oh! Now, when did this happen?” the old lady asked.
“I don’t know and how do you expect me to,” the cashier replied.

Harry could see that the old lady was tensed and he was compassionate towards her.
“Ma’am can I offer to pay your bills?” he asked.
“Oh! Thank so much young man, I sincerely appreciate your kind gesture,” she replied.

Harry paid off her bills and also assisted her in carrying some things. That was the beginning of his success story. The old lady thanked him more and asked him some questions.

“What is your name, young man?” she asked.
“Yeah! Harry,” he replied.

“Oh! Harry, what do you do for a living?”
“I am a designer. I design clothes, bags and all those sorts”.
“Oh! I see. From now on you will no longer design but will create styles that will be unmatched by anyone in the world,” the old lady finally said.

Harry looked puzzled – he couldn’t comprehend what she said. Those words were not just mere words for they launched him into his world of success. Every night he retires to bed, he sees himself creating new styles. That day was the very last time he saw the old lady. Though years have gone by, his encounter with her is as fresh as that very day in his memory. She made him the baron of the fashion industry and he is forever grateful to her.

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    Julie Harris
    Julie Harris(@julie-harris)
    1 year ago

    What a special story, Thompson! I love Harry’s generosity and compassion. How wonderful that the old lady possessed magical powers. This is a nice morality tale – when we give without any concern about being rewarded, magical things can happen!

    Melissa Taggart
    Melissa Taggart(@melissa-taggart)
    1 year ago

    I love that Harry was compassionate towards her, Thompson! He helped because it was the right thing to do, and look at his reward for doing so. Great work!

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    1 year ago

    Wow! I love Harry for his good heart, compassion, and being a help to those in need. Who would have thought that an old woman has fairy power? Hopefully, there are many helpful, compassionate, and kind-hearted people like Harry. And hopefully, my luck will come in double to uplift my family out of poverty. Who knows. Only God knows. Great job on a story that carries moral lessons for the readers.

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    Reply to  Thompson Emate
    1 year ago

    Yes, Thompson. Well done.

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