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Susan Dawson
27 days ago

Intrigued by the botanical aspects but of course haikus never tell all

Eric Radcliffe
27 days ago

Hi Andrew, I like your haiku, so many ways to see the beauty of the flower.

Eric Radcliffe
27 days ago
Reply to  Andrew Carter

Ha, ha, a funny haiku flower, now there’s a novelty. And talking about the child within, never lose that voice, it keeps us grounded, don’t you think?

Culture Dragon
27 days ago

Hi Andrew – I enjoyed writing out your Haiku – please keep writing, and submit more! Forgive my messy script, I am still learning to keep the digital pen steady. Handwriting is my passion, although I consider myself a novice. I volunteered to produce handwriting for the Voice club, so I would be forced to practice and improve daily – haha 🙂
谢谢 (thanks) – 文龙

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