Life Eternal

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2 years ago

This is so beautiful, Carrie. Thank you for a lovely Christmas gift!

Eric Radcliffe
Eric Radcliffe(@eric-radcliffe)
2 years ago

Hello Carrie, my first thought was your comment to Fuji about feeling nervous, so please let me just say that you have nothing at all to feel nervous about. If you look a little deeper as to why we write, it’s because we feel the need to express what we feel, and to share it. And we should never ever let the inner doubt surface. I know every member sees The Voice.club… Read more »

Culture Dragon
Culture Dragon(@culture-dragon)
2 years ago

Hi Carrie – I understand what you said above about being “a little nervous” 🙂 Now I study handwriting, so I volunteered for the Voice.club to write these Haiku. I also get a bit nervous trying to scribe using a “digital pen”, but as Eric said, we are a family friendly club among friends. Using the apple pen is not as accurate as authentic pen and paper, so please forgive my messy… Read more »

Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter(@andrew-carter)
2 years ago

A late Christmas present.Thank you, Carrie. Just found this one now and you definitely have a gift for poetry. Haiku is such an interesting form and for your first attempt, you have the key elements: present tense, focus, simplicity, objectivity, an allusion to nature, juxtaposition (in the final line where life endures), and you captured the essence of the moment. Basically, you nailed it  ? . That’s amazing. Also, I had… Read more »

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