Harmonia is a lively place, with exciting events happening frequently!  Every live concert has culminated in a sit-down, super-healthy, pot-luck banquet.  These banquets are an event we all look forward to!  The yearly competitions result in lots of awards and recognition. Our students write music for a variety of venues – videos, films, school plays, commissions from performers.  In addition to our wonderful concerts, competitions, symposiums and music happenings, sometimes we all just get together for food and fellowship and fun!  We hope you enjoy all the pictures and memories from some of our incredible gatherings. 

In 2021, we were invited to write all the music for the 2021 NC 10X10 Play Festival.  It was a delight to partner with the producers of the Festival, presented by Odyssey Stage. All the pieces written for the plays are included in the play list.  Happy listening!


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