Music of the Spheres

2012 – The Garden Party

Entering the Garden on this first day of fall, we hear splashing water, the gentle murmur of voices, a cello tuning up for an impromptu concert
Harmonia Presents …
The Garden Party –
An Autumn Symphony of Music, Gardens, Creativity and Sharing


September 22,
Emma Armstrong-Carter - pianist, photographer, and Mozart lover & Julie Harris - hostess, teacher and gardener - invite us in ...
We follow the winding path, toward the sounds of laughter and an occasional cymbal crash!
The wind is playing the chimes and the gong of the Windchime Tree
And here is Sabrina, to greet us! Sabrina Thompson plays piano and is now also learning violin. She created a wonderful fall poster to welcome in the day.
Gianni Rinaldo ("G") and Ursula Brown ("Ula") discuss Baby Einstein, music, and lollipops. Overheard conversation between G and Ula: "Are you taking piano lessons?" asks G. "Yes!" says Ula emphatically. "But not yet", she adds. Gianni, not quite 5, plays piano, loves Beethoven and memorizes every symphony he hears. Ula, age 3, can sing a perfect rendition of "A, You're Adorable", every song from "Lady and the Tramp" and a host of other favorites. She has also started playing piano like her dad, Ron.
Here we are, in the circle of musicians and their families. Bill Thompson, center front - moving clockwise around the circle - Sydney Thompson, Beatrice Crist, Gabe Crist, Charles Higgins Jr, Charles Higgins Sr, Regina Higgins, Alice Armstrong, Becky Gollmar, Peter Gollmar, Amy Crist, Julie Harris, and Michael Jon Bennett
A slightly different angle of the circle: from left to right: Regina Higgins, Alice Armstrong, Grace Gollmar, Becky Gollmar, Peter Gollmar, Amy Crist, Julie Harris, Michael Jon Bennett and Kelly Harris.
The food is delicious and super healthy! The homemade pizza is a special favorite. Can you believe that our master gardener, Pete, also made the pizza? Music is not the only talent on display today!!
Let's follow G and Ula on a tour of the garden, while Gabe tunes up his cello.


Back to the circle, where Gabe is ready to play! What a wonderful concert – a Bach Cello Suite, a selection from Breval and even Brahms Lullabye!


Sayali Gove, composer and pianist, and Darshan Gove, cellist and singer, are enjoying the concert!


Everyone here loves music! From upper left around the circle clockwise: Sydney Thomson, Beatrice Crist, Regina Higgins, Charles Higgins Jr, Charles Higgins Sr, Becky Gollmar, Grace Gollmar, Julie Harris, Shea Rinaldo, Michael Jon Bennett, Gabe Crist, Sayali Gove and Darshan Gove.


Moms of young prodigies compare notes! Judy Brown and Shea Rinaldo, far left, talk with Julie Harris. Going around the circle, clockwise: Michael Jon Bennett, Ron Brown, Gabe Crist, Sayali Gove, Darshan Gove, Alan Gove, Sulochana Naidoo.


Another time around the circle, starting at upper left, going clockwise: Vivian Thompson, Janese Frantz, Elman Frantz, Bill Thompson, Sydney Thompson, Regina Higgins, Charles Higgins Jr, Charles Higgins Sr, Becky Gollmar, Julie Harris, Michael Jon Bennett, Ron Brown, Gabe Crist, Sayali Gove, Sulochana Naidoo


After the outdoor cello concert, there was an indoor piano concert! Emma listens to the indoor concert as she snaps pictures of the flowers on the deck.


What a wonderful afternoon and what a wonderful group of people!

Special thanks to all the members of Harmonia, and a note to the three who couldn’t be with us today:  Noah, Pat, and Stephanie – we missed you!  All the other Harmonia members, thanks for coming, and thanks for bringing your wonderful families!   Emma, Grace, Michael, Janese, Sabrina, Bea, Gabe, aBe, Ron, Sayali, Charles, and Gianni – Happy Music Making!

Deepest thanks and appreciation to the Armstrong-Carter family: 
   * Emma, Alice, Rob and Denis
   * First to come, last to leave
   * Never-ending source of help and inspiration
   * Bringers of tables, glass plates, utensils, cups, etc etc and most especially … white tablecloths 

— Julie Harris

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