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2012-2013 Student Recognition

Composition studies include a variety of other genres –  video games, film scoring, poetry, plays, and other multi-media. Our Harmonia students are constantly winning so many awards, getting accepted into prestigious programs, or premiering new works, that it’s hard to keep up with all their accomplishments! 

In 2012 and 2013, just for fun, we kept a record of everyone’s activities for posterity.  What fun we had in those two years!

Kevin Kopczynski - Video Game Designer

2013.07.10:  Harmonia member Kevin Kopczynski is a winner in the 2013 National STEM Video Game Challenge.  Kevin was one of fourteen middle school and high school students who were announced as winners from almost 4,000 entries.  This competition aims to motivate interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) among students in grades 5-12 by tapping into their enthusiasm for playing and making video games. Congratulations, Kevin!

2013 STEM winners announced  

Here’s a description of the winning submissions.

Kevin's winning game, "Etiquette Anarchy"

Kevin designed the game and all the graphics and wrote all the original music for this great educational game!

Noah Balamucki, Film Score Composer

Noah Balamucki's score for "The Writer" by film maker Edson Oda was one of the hits of the year!

2013.07.04:  Harmonia member Noah Balamucki is the first to finish scoring a film in the Summer Film Score Project.  His score for Edson Oda‘s wonderful film “The Writer” is a hit.

Film creator Edson Oda loved the score so much that he wrote a tribute to Noah in a second film!

Summer Film Scoring Project

2013.06.05:  Several Harmonia members have been selected to work on film scoring in a special summer project.  Noah Balamucki, Grace Gollmar, Kevin Kopczynski, Gabriel Crist,  Stephanie Wang, and Abe Lange will be scoring films from our International Film Bank for this Summer Film Score Project.   Each composer will give his/her own interpretation of the films through music.  These film will be shown in our fall concert, and discussed in online forums. 

Grace Golmar, Poet and Composer

Grace wrote the words and the music for this beautiful song, one of our favorites

6/1/13:  Harmonia member Grace Gollmar had her vocal composition “June” premiered by our very first Virtual Choir.   Singers and sound engineers from Scotland, Finland, California and North Carolina combined to create a splendid recording which was enjoyed by the audience of the Harmonia Spring Concert.

Not only did Grace write the poem and the music for “June”, but she also sang two of the soprano parts for the VIrtual Choir.  The audience was enthralled by hearing singers from all over the world in our “live” concert.

Stephanie Wang - Composer

Stephanie Wang, MTNA National Finalist

2012.12.04:  Harmonia member Stephanie Wang is the winner of the MTNA Southern Division composition competition, Elementary level.  She is now a National Finalist!  

Congratulations to Stephanie and good luck on the next level of competition.   National winners will be announced in January 2013.

Michael Jon Bennett, Organist

Michael is headed for Juilliard!

2012.11/28 Harmonia member Michael Jon Bennett has been accepted into the Juilliard pre-college as an organ major and will be leaving for New York sometime in the new year.  We wish you the very best, Michael, and we will miss you!!!  

In addition to being a virtuoso organist, Michael is also an award-winning composer. You will still enter our composition contests, won’t you, Michael?

Grace Golmar - Commissioned Composer

Grace, Choral Composer

2012.11.11:  Harmonia member Grace Gollmar had her newest composition premiered today!   Her commissioned work, Psalm 24, was sung by her youth choir and was joyously received. 

Good work Grace!  You can hear this piece on her site: Grace Gollmar, Composer

MTNA Winners

Harmonia students did extremly well in this highly-acclaimed competition!

You can read all about Samantha Strowd’s winning piece here:

Samantha Strowd – Five Cats, Something Like That

2012.10.08:  Harmonia members did really well in the MTNA State Composition Competition this year! 

Elementary: Stephanie Wang won
with her “String Quartet I: A Magical Fair” – 1st movement

Senior: Grace Gollmar received Honorable Mention
with her “Themes from the Impressionist”  and Charles Higgins won with his “World of Fading Light”.  

Young Artists:  Samantha Strowd won
with “Five Cats, or Something Like That”.

Noah Balamucki - Accepted to Tanglewood

Noah Balamucki, Composer

2012.06.01:  Harmonia member Noah Balamucki is one of twelve young composers selected from all over the country to attend the prestigious Tanglewood summer program.  Congratulations, Noah!!

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