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2010 – First Gratitude Concert

Blue Rhapsody by Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov, a wonderful painter from Russia, has graciously allowed us to use his “Blue Rhapsody” as the logo for our Gratitude Concerts.

Our Gratitude Concerts offer newly-composed pieces as a heartfelt “thank you” to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and the Centre for Natural Healing in Ashland, Oregon. These organizations have been a vital part of our community of healing, compassion and renewed focus on health.

Our first Gratitude Concert was really three concerts! The first was given in the lobby of the UNC Childrens Hospital, September 15, 2010. Our audience included a smiling row of white-coated surgeons, oncologists and other doctors, patients in wheel chairs and on foot, staff and students, hospital visitors passing by, family and friends.

Our second concert was a private sharing with cancer patients in the chemotherapy infusion lab.

Our third concert was a joyful two hours of newly composed music presented at the United Church of Chapel Hill on September 25, 2010. Fifteen composers and twenty-two performers participated in this wonderful event!

As we performed and enjoyed all this new music, we also spread information about cancer treatment and prevention. In our first three Gratitude Concerts, at UNC Hospital and United Church of Chapel Hill, we distributed information about ovarian cancer to several hundred people. We also had a wonderful time sharing music and getting to know folks at the hospital and in our audience.

Gabe Crist opened the program in the lobby of the UNC Children’s Hospital with violin variations.  Patients and doctors came from the wards to hear the wonderful music!

Michael Jon Bennett played one of his piano solo compositions, as our crowd of visitors and passers-by grew! 

Participants at the hospital concert , from left to right:

Front row: Dr. Linda Van Le, oncologist; Emma Armstrong-Carter, pianist; Gretchen Hoag, pianist, Lisa Marshall, pianist; Julie Harris organizer, composer, and pianist; Susie Kim, composer, Christopher Camitta, composer and pianist; Gabriel Crist, violinist and composer.

Back row: Ryan Griffin, tenor; Michael Kosorock, composer; Karen Allred, pianist; Colin Laursen, composer and violinist; Michael Jon Bennett, composer and pianist; Pamela Kosorok, soprano; Jennifer Strickland, clarinetist.

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