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2011 – Second Gratitude Concert

Aria Cheregosha, violist, joins Harmonia members Colin Laursen, Noah Balamucki, Michael Jon Bennett, and Julie Harris for the final rehearsal of Noah's piece "Stalked", just an hour before the concert!

We presented our Second Annual Gratitude Concert on Saturday, November 12, 2011. What a wonderful time we all had! Incredible new music, superb composers, the best performers in the area, scrumptious food, and a gathering afterward that lasted well into the night.


Of the 14 pieces on the program, 8 were premieres, 3 had premiered two weeks before, as NCMTA winners, and 3 were premiered at previous concerts and were back by popular demand! 

Our composers included Noah Balamucki, Sabrina Thompson, Beatrice Crist, aBe Lange, Susie Kim Park, Stephanie Wang, Grace Gollmar, Charles Higgins, Alex van Gils, michael jon bennett, Samantha Strowd, and Gabriel Crist. 

Composer Michael Jon Bennett takes a bow with his flutists following the premiere of "philosophies". From left to right, flutists are Elizabeth Pack, Philip Snyder, Kaitlyn Dunn, Amy O'Brien and Yuyi Li.

Our concerts, and the community banquets which follow each one, are wonderful opportunities for the young composers to get to know each other. Lifelong friendships are forged in these very special evenings!

Composer Gabe Crist sits at the piano. Composers Michael Jon Bennett and Noah Balamucki join violinist Aria Cheregosha behind the piano during one of our after-concert banquets and get-togethers.

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