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Harmonia presents …..
From Joy to Joy
A Musical Celebration
Saturday June 2, 2012
6:00 pm – 7:45 pm
Southern Village Christ United Methodist Church

After the concert, we all met in Ascension Hall for a luscious dinner and time to chat and relax! Most of the audience stayed for dinner and filled the hall to overflowing. Thank you Alice Armstrong for planning and coordinating all the food, and thanks to all her helpers for such a grand banquet.  Special thanks to the cleanup crew, who seemed to be having a lot of fun while they worked hard!

Here are some of the pictures of the banquet. Thanks to Kelly Harris for taking these great pictures!!

The Golmar family is all smiles, as we celebrate over dinner. Grace's two-piano composition "Civil Dischord" was a spectacular beginning to the second half of the program. This wonderful picture is, from left to right: Peter Golmar, Becky Golmar and Grace Golmar. The camera also caught Emma Armstrong-Carter in the background.
Michael and Gabe always gravitate to the piano while the rest of us are banqueting. As soon as one concert is finished, these two are busy exchanging compositional ideas for the next concert! Imagine Messaien and Bartok brainstorming, and you get a good idea of the energy of these two fabulous composers. From left to right: Michael Jon Bennett, Gabriel Crist.
Bea, as always, is a fashion maven as well as a great musician. Her performance of Brahms Hungarian Dance was impeccable, and we all enjoyed the premiere of her quartet "Turtledoves" for piano, two violins and flute. In this picture, Bea and Julie relax after dinner. From left to right: Beatrice Crist, Julie Harris.
Sabrina's performance of The Entertainer was so much fun, and a wonderful way for everyone to get in the spirit of the concert. Here, Sabrina and her mom Vivian delight everyone with their contagious smiles and sparkling eyes! From left to right - Sabrina Thompson, Julie Harris, Vivian Thompson.
Our banquets become part of our shared history. Most Harmonia students stay in the studio for many years, until they go off to college. The music and friendship we all shared will continue with them throughtout their lives! Here, Julie and Michael Jon Bennett share a moment for the camera.
One of the most wonderful things about Harmonia concerts is the chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones! Janese recently joined Harmonia after a 12 year absence from music. We are so delighted to have her in the musical family again! Susie has long been one of our favorite guest composers. Here we have Janese and Susie meeting for the first time - we all look forward to the music that these two sensitive musicians will create! From left to right: Janese Hart Frantz, Susie Kim Park, Julie Harris.

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