Music of the Spheres

2012 – Scary Sixty Seconds

The night was dark, as the ominous sound of clanging greeted us from the gloom of the darkened concert hall.  Was it the ghost of concerts past?  No, it was the Southern Village chimes striking the hour, as we gathered for our Scary! Sixty Seconds Contest and Music Celebration!


The audience had a great time listening to all seven scary pieces composed by members of Harmonia, in honor of Halloween:

  • The Seal of the Ohricalcos by Michael Jon Bennett
  • B3dBug5 by aBe Lange
  • Midnight with Bela by Julie Harris
  • Death’s Door by Grace Gollmar
  • No Chance of Escape by Charles Higgins
  • Morning Moodswings by Noah Balamucki
  • Where When How by Gabriel John Loesch Crist

And the winners were ….

1st place – Morning Moodswings
2nd place – No Chance of Escape
3rd place – Death’s Door

Congratulations to Noah, Charles and Grace!

In this concert, several performers created a sort of “petting zoo” of unusual instruments. Here, Tim Dyess, master of French Horn, shows us the wonderul alphorn, with its long tube and distinct sound. The length of an alphorn and a French Horn are the same, Tim taught us. He told us about the traditional music of the alps and played several wonderful selections. We had great fun later trying it out and exploring this beautiful instrument at close hand.
Abe Lange brought several of his ukeleles and showed us the various techniques he had learned in a recent uke class
Gabe Crist played several cello solos and demonstrated the art of expressive performing!

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