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2013 – A Beautiful Evening in June

Excerpt from “June” by Grace Gollmar
Harmonia presents …..

A Beautiful Evening in June

a celebration with music and film scores
Saturday June 1, 2013 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm Southern Village Christ United Methodist Church Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“A Beautiful Evening in June” was one of our most varied and lush concerts!  Those who attended will not easily forget the gorgeous music and lovely people who created the music. Just listening to Aria tune up before the concert was a real treat!

Heartfelt thanks to John Paul Middlesworth, our videographer, who created these stills from the concert video.

Our wonderful string quartet started off the program with Abe Lange's "Sir Mink". From left to right: Aria Cheregosha, violin; Forrest Li, viola; Julia Illana, cello; Robert Garbarz, violin
We all enjoyed hearing some of the animals of Saint-Saëns! Bea played "Turtles" and "The Elephant" from "Carnival of the Animals". Beatrice Crist, piano.
Bea's lovely composition was based on a poem by Lewis Carroll. The first letter of each line of the poem spells out "Alice Pleasance Liddell" - the original Alice in Wonderland. Laura Spzir, flute, and Gabriel Crist, cello, perform "Ever Drifting Down the Stream", by Beatrice Crist.
Grace Kirkpatrick, violin, and Julia Illana, cello, play "Dappled Dreams" by Samantha Strowd. This wonderful piece was originally for piano solo and was the first piece Sam ever composed! Between years of college, she reworked it for violin and cello.
Edvard Grieg's "Arietta", from his "Lyric Pieces", was one of the composer's favorite melodies. Janese played with such delicacy and expression, that it's easy to see why Grieg loved this piece so much! Janese Frantz, piano
Emma Armstrong-Carter is the very picture of gracefulness as she plays "When the Love Falls" by Yiruma. Yiruma is the stage name of Lee Ru-ma (born 1978), an internationally-known pianist and composer from South Korea. Thanks for introducing us to Yiruma, Emma!
Beautiful harmonies rise, fall and fill the air as we perform "Calm Seas" by Charles Higgins. From left to right: Chloe Deshusses, flute; Rick Leinhas, clarinet; Julia Illana, cello; Aria Cheregosha, violin; Julie Harris, conductor. Emma Armstrong-Carter was on piano, not pictured.
Our film composers take a bow, after a very exciting presentation of three new film scores. From left to right, Kevin Kopczynski, who scored Rodrigo Blaas's film "Alma"; Noah Balamucki who scored a segment of a Harry Potter film for the international competition Composers Challenge; Grace Gollmar, who scored the delightful film "Inbox", by Madonne Ashwin.
The late afternoon sun created a golden setting as Aria Cheregosha played the hauntingly beautiful "Beau Soir (Beautiful Evening)" by Debussy/Heifetz. Julie Harris was in the far left at the piano - not in the picture.
Gabriel Crist brought down the house with his resounding performance of "Serpent's Kiss" by William Bolcom. Here is Gabe playing and whistling Bolcom's wild and wonderful ending!
Singers from around the world worked together across the internet to create our first Virtual Choir recording. Grace Gollmar's gorgeous piece "June", sung by the Virtual Choir, was the centerpiece of the evening.
Many thanks to all the Virtual Choir members and special thanks to our superb sound engineer, Raymond Kemp!

Our singers were:

Becky Gollmar, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Bettina Gray, Berkeley, California
Bobby Golmar, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Grace Gollmar, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Jim Baxley, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Johan Halmén, Loviisa, Finland
Khalid Williams, Carrboro, North Carolina
Raymond Kemp, Scotland
Ron Brown, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Gabe's composition for woodwind quartet combines tonal and modal elements into a brilliant four part round. Laura Spzir, flute; Wendy Spitzer, oboe; Kristin Hamon, clarinet; Lawruh Lindsey, bassoon; Julie Harris, conductor perform "Rota Aurea (Golden Round)" by Gabriel Crist.
A pink rose, purple iris, and a blue-lit window provide the colors, as Greg McCallum plays Noah Balamucki's wonderful piano solo "Evelyn's Lonely Man".
Here's our fabulous string quartet again, this time playing Stephanie Wang's "String Quartet No. 1 - A Magical Fair". From left to right, Aria Cheregosha, violin; Forrest Li, viola; Julia Illana, cello; Robert Garbarz, violin.
Grace Gollmar and Julie Harris on piano, Aria Cheregosha on violin and Rick Leinhas on clarinet perform michael jon bennett's "3 excurtionz - 2". Michael flew in from NYC the morning of the concert for this premiere!
Janese, Emma and Julie enjoy playing three movements of Debussy's delightful four-hand piano piece "Petite Suite". It was a joyous game of musical chairs as each person rotated from page turner to secondo to primo! Left to right: Janese Frantz, piano; Emma Armstrong-Carter, piano; Julie Harris, page turner.

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