Kindle works on Any Device

No need to purchase a Kindle reader!

You don’t need to purchase any new devices or any new software.  You can read Kindle books on most any device, since Amazon offers a free reader for iOS, Android, PC, Mac or any web browser.

Amazon Kindle

At the end of each year, our staff chooses the most outstanding stories from the year. Our selections are all taken from stories which have qualified for Balanced Discourse. We take into account not only the stories and their authors, but also the comments and feedback. Well-written stories which inspire on-going creative discussions are especially appreciated. When we’ve completed our selection, we publish these in an Amazon Kindle anthology.

Our Kindle Books are wonderful for writers!

  • Teamwork – Write one really good story and get published, as part of a high-level team.
  • Sharing – A kindle book containing your story makes a wonderful gift!
  • Stress-free – We take care of all Kindle-required formatting, editing, and design.
  • Easy Access – Books can be purchased with any Amazon account.

Our Kindle Books are great for those who love to read!

  • Available – Read our Kindle book from many different hand-held devices.
  • Portable – Carry your Kindle reader with you, and have your favorite stories at your fingertips.
  • Storage – You can store multiple volumes of our Kindle books without needing more shelf space!
  • Easy Use – Bookmark, search, change font size and many more features help you configure to your unique needs.
Many thanks to our volunteers who worked very hard to prepare the Kindle Book for publishing:


Creating Cover Graphic
Selecting stories to be included
Verifying Author Avatars
Verifying Author Bios
Creating Index
Formatting Each Story – Title, Image, Content, Author
Quality Check – Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation etc
Creating Footer for Each Story – Link to Discourse
Writing Introduction
Completing Kindle Publishing Requirements
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