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Assignment – 2020.03.29

Quiz 2 + Unit 13 Worksheet

Triads – G Maj(RH) + F Maj(LH) :
Play Video
Major Scales – F Maj(RH) + Gb Maj(LH) :
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Arpeggios – B Maj(RH) + Db Maj(LH) :
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Reading – Page 153 #4 :
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  • VIDEO: Technique:
    • Scales
      • DONE: a) F major scale, 2 octaves up and down with RH.
      • DONE: b) Gb major scale, 2 octaves up and down with LH.
    • Arpeggios
      • DONE: c) B major arpeggio, 2 octaves up and down with RH.
      • DONE: POST VIDEO: d) Db major arpeggio, 2 octaves up and down with LH.
    • Triads
      • DONE: e)Triads in all positions, p.137 #1 in G major with RH.
      • DONE: f) Triads in all positions, p.137 #2 in F major with LH.
  • VIDEO: Reading:
    • DONE: One of these examples: p.147 #4, p.153 #3, or #4.
  • DONE: Unit 13 Review Worksheet (pp.181-182)

Assignment – 2020.03.23

Here are this week’s assignments:

1. Post on Forum on Sakai – On the forum, please respond to “Hello! Share how you’re set up.”

2. Dominant and Seventh Chords – We’re going to get to know the site

Read the lesson about dominant.

Read about seventh chords.

3. Ear Training

Do 15 minutes of chord ear training on Click on Customize – Chords and select up to 5 chords (Major Triad, Minor Triad, Augmented Triad, Dimniished Triad, and Dominant 7th). You may want to start with just major and minor, and add the others one by one.

If you have access to a keyboard, practice Unit 11. 

Format and Grading:

We will learn and interact in a variety of formats such as email, forums, and videos. My focus is to help you build skills for future learning and enjoy music together. Assessment will be adjusted to accommodate remote learning. More details to come later. I would like to get a sense of how everyone’s set up before proceeding to make the changes.

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