Our Mission

Using the power of quality music to inspire, educate, and motivate people of all ages and all musical levels to build a supportive family-friendly piano community.

We Believe

Music is for everyone
Music is a bridge that connects people
Music is best when it’s shared

Yamazaki Piano Club is a “SubClub” of our parent site Voice.club. 
Voice Club has been committed to creative expression, family-friendly content and a safe, supportive online community since early 2020. 

Our club welcomes performers, students, teachers, parents, and anyone who enjoys learning and growing with quality music.

Subscribers enjoy many great features:


  • Help your students learn the art of multimedia presentation
  • Provide an opportunity for your students to practice performing in a supportive, nurturing environment
  • Support and encouragement from an international musical community
  • Supplement lessons with musicianship activities
  • Monthly listening group for enrichment and inspiration
  • Library of vetted piano scores with music era, level, and composer information
  • Articles on teaching, theory, listening, performing and other helpful topics


  • Frequent low-stress, enjoyable performance contests 
  • Feedback from an international panel of highly qualified judges 
  • Learn to connect with the audience by presenting music with creativity and imagination
  • Build musicianship skills including listening, music theory, and music history
  • Access to a wealth of repertoire pieces, vetted and graded
  • Supportive international musical community
  • Learning presentation skills beyond just performance
  • Develop a deep artistry
  • Meeting other students and colleagues
  • Tools to support and encourage efficient practice


  • Family-friendly environment
  • Listening opportunities for the entire family
  • Enrich your child’s piano study with broader opportunities to improve their musicianship
  • Helps your child develop writing and presentation skills 
  • Provide a source of inspiration and motivation
  • Help your child connect with their music on a more personal level
  • A positive, nurturing community for your children to learn with other students with the same passion for music
  • Support and encouragement from other parents in the community
  • Print out high-quality piano scores 
  • Resources to support practice
  • Appreciating beauty becomes a part of daily life

Piano Contests

Presentations by musicians of all ages and levels

Each presentation includes a performance video, a picture and an intro to engage the audience

Presentations can be quality music from any genre

Presentations can be for solo piano, or for any instruments as long as the ensemble includes piano

  • Frequent

    Offered many times a year, so that members can learn more repertoire and have more performance opportunities.

  • Creative

    Focus is on enjoyment and sharing. We also value interpretation and imaginative artistry.

  • Sharing

    Members get to hear each other's performances and be exposed to more new music, and to meet musical colleagues.

  • Artistic

    Musicians are free to choose their own repertoire. Memorization is not required. Artistic expression is highly valued.

  • Community

    Members become part of a supportive, nurturing community, and can listen and comment on each other's performances.

To access all Piano Club features requires a monthly subscription of $25 USD / month

Enter ongoing performance contests
Build musicianship skills including listening, music theory and music history
Become part of a vital music community

This monthly subscription covers an individual or an entire family and gives you full access to the Yamazaki Piano Club.

(Subscription can be cancelled at any time)

Our club welcomes performers, students, teachers, parents, and anyone who enjoys learning and growing with quality music.

What is the Voice Club?

The Voice Club is a platform for self expression which was founded in the Spring of 2020.  Our first group of creators were fiction writers, and our writing contests have become famous throughout the internet.

Now we are expanding into other areas of self expression, and launching a focused interest group for piano expression.  Yamazaki Piano is a “SubClub” of our main club, where students can express their voice through piano.

What do I need to get started?

Google Account (Free)

Our online piano community is powered by the Voice Club, and you need a Google account to SignIn. If you do not already have one, simply create a free Google account.

Voice.club Account (Free)

Using Google SignIn, simply create your free Voice.club account. Your free Voice Club account will give you access to discourse comments, and your own personalized star page.

Our club welcomes performers, students, teachers, parents, and anyone who enjoys learning and growing with quality music.
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    Sharing a Post

    Why do my friends need to SignIn to read the post I shared?

    Actually, this is a voting security feature. During public voting, only club members can read posts submitted for that contest. Since anyone reading the story is able to vote (click the Like button), we reserve these capabilities to members who SignIn. Before we implemented this security feature, people were voting multiple times and making the public voting process unfair and out of balance. To fix this, our staff finally decided to allow only members who SignIn to read the stories. Membership is free and easy, and ensures our club is safe, secure, and family-friendly!