Contest - Please submit your complete presentation

Step 1

Upload a unique image for your presentation

Please ensure your image meets these guidelines:

  • Image must be Family-Friendly
  • Original copyright free images
  • Images under copyright will be disqualified
  • Images with watermarks will be disqualified
  • File type must be .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF
  • File Size must be exactly 500×500 pixels
  • If you need, use these Free Image Resize tools:

If your image does not meet our guidelines,
your submission will be disqualified.


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Welcome to Voice Club Help. Click the steps below, to learn how to resize your image file. We require all images be resized to 500 by 500 pixels before submission.

Step 1. Click the link on the bottom left, shown on the Voice club submission page.  A new browser tab will open, with a free website that allows you to upload, resize, and then download your image. Now you will have a new browser tab open, so remember, if you want to return to Voice club, switch back to your previous browser tab.
Step 2.  Click the select picture area to upload the original submission image file from your computer.  This file should be the original large image that you want to resize.  Remember, the Voice Club only accepts images sized exactly at 500 by 500 pixels.  After your file has been uploaded, click the blue button shown below labeled, “continue to edit picture”.
Step 3,  Scroll down and see, Resize Your Picture.  This area is where you enter exact dimensions that you want for your final image.  Click the dropdown that says “Select a new size for your picture”.  From the dropdown list, select “Custom Size”.
Step 4,  See the two input boxes where you can enter the exact dimensions that you want for your image.  Here you must enter a Width of 500 pixels, and a Height of 500 pixels.  Remember, the Voice club only accepts images with these exact dimensions.
Step 5,  Scroll down to the section labeled “Save As”, and see the options.  Make sure the “Image File Format” dropdown is set to JPG image type.  Then click the button labeled “I’M DONE, RESIZE MY PICTURE” to continue.
Step 6.  Now check your image New size, and verify the correct dimensions.  Remember, the Voice club will only accept an image with exactly 500 pixel width and 500 pixel height.  Next click the Save to Disk button to download your image. 
Step 7.  After downloading your image, open your downloads folder.  Look for the most recent downloaded image, and see the new file prefix shown below, followed by your original filename.  This is the final resized image, so remember where to find this file.  Now return to the Voice club tab, and upload this new resized image file to start your submission.