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Final Exam

Topic: Final Exam Prep
Concepts: Fearless Performance
Methods for Performance Improvement

Final Exam – Saturday, November 21 @ 12pm

Ludvig Schytte

Ludvig Schytte was a Danish composer, pianist, and teacher.

Born in Aarhus, Denmark, approximately 21 years after the death of Beethoven. Schytte studied with Niels Gade and Edmund Neupert. In 1884, he traveled to Germany to study with Franz Liszt. Schytte lived and taught in Vienna between 1886 and 1907 and spent the last two years of his life teaching in Berlin.

(April 28, 1848 in Aarhus – November 10, 1909 in Berlin)

Originally trained as a pharmacist, Schytte composed a Piano Concerto in C-sharp minor, Op. 28, and a Sonata in B-flat, among numerous other piano works. He also wrote two operas: Hero (25 September 1898 in Copenhagen) and Der Mameluk (22 December 1903 in Vienna). His shorter works are still used today as educational studies for piano students.

Etude – Op. 108 – No. 5 – Some of the musical aspects:
– Phrasing – Organizing this music into “Short-Short-Long” phrases was key.
– Dynamics – Remembering climax vs other dynamics.
– Voicing – Bringing out the top melody note is challenging
– Wave between Right and Left Hand – Still working on this!

Ludvig Schytte – Etude – Op. 108 – No.5

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