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Piano Expression - Musical Dreams

Here at the Voice Club we encourage you to express yourself, and now we are adding a wonderful new dimension to our site – Piano Expression.

We will be inviting piano students of all ages to submit videos of performances, accompanied by a picture and a description that will enhance the audience experience and help them enjoy the music.

In order to help these pianists feel at home on our Voice Club, let’s share some thoughts about our own “Piano Dreams”!

Did you ever dream of taking piano lessons? Playing a concert? Hearing your favorite pianist perform? Playing duets with your grandchild?

Share your Piano Dreams and help us welcome some very talented performers who love to play the piano and can’t wait to share some of their favorite pieces with you.

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Arianna Randall
Arianna Randall (@arianna-randall)
2 months ago

Wow — this is so exciting and I can’t wait! I do have a few questions: is the contest about piano performance, or writing about ‘piano dreams’? Will we able to submit to both? Do we share thoughts in the comment section, or are we supposed to submit a form? Thanks so much!!

Voice-Team (@voice-team)
2 months ago

Hi Arianna – We are building a new “SubClub”, which will provide an online alternative to traditional piano lessons.

To answer your questions: The upcoming contest will specifically be for piano performance. We will post more information soon, when the performance contest is launched. For now, feel free to leave any thoughts in the comment section of this post, as you did above. This current post is a “thought”, not a contest – it is a forum to open piano discussions and let our members know what is coming.

Arianna Randall
Arianna Randall (@arianna-randall)
2 months ago
Reply to  Voice-Team

Thank you so much for explaining! I look forward to it immensely.

Julie Harris
Julie Harris (@julie-harris)
2 months ago

How exciting that Voice Club will soon be offering opportunities for pianists, as well as for writers. There are so many paths to expression for creative spirits!

My happiest musical dreams have always centered around playing with other people. When I was a teenager I played the hymns in church. I worked my way through college accompanying a baritone horn player. For twenty years, I played flute/piano music with my colleague and friend and her wonderful flute students. Two of my favorite “dreams” which came true were playing piano on Rachmaninoff’s “Vocalise” with a talented young cellist, and Debussy’s “Beau Soir” with a superb violinist. I will never forget those two experiences, among so many others!!

Leyla Unerli
Leyla Unerli (@leyla-unerli)
1 month ago

Wow! I love musical instruments, as well as the piano. I grew up with people playing instruments my entire life and I have been told I have a gift for reading music. Does this mean singing will become a option soon?

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Voice-Team (@voice-team)
1 month ago
Reply to  Leyla Unerli

Hi Leyla – What a great background you have in music. You will probably enjoy our piano club, so check back over the next few weeks. We may consider a singing option in the future, after we gauge the feedback and involvement in the upcoming Piano SubClub. Our site is supported solely by our patrons, so any future ideas about singing will depend on patron support.

Carrie OLeary
Carrie OLeary (@carrie-oleary)
1 month ago

I have always loved piano. My grandad, who sadly passed away when I was 11, had a music box that tinkled Für Elise. I fell in love with the music and waded through my dad’s classical music collection trying to find it, having no idea at the time either what it was called or who it was by. Luckily my dad had a huge Beethoven collection on vinyl but it still took several records to find it. I still love the music decades later. Like Leyla, I can read sheet music and was a member of the school and church choir way back when, not that I sing well. I did have a keyboard and like to tinkle out melodies with one or two fingers, though I tend to play by sound rather than reading the music. I wish it was a skill I’d been able to learn as a child; although my dad is proficient on both keyboard and violin, I was pushed towards woodwind. I’m interested in following this though.


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