Piano Contest

Yamazaki Piano Club offers on-going, continual contests for pianists of all ages and levels of musicianship. 
  • Teachers appreciate the contests because they give students a focal point for completing repertoire pieces, and help them play with creativity and imagination.
  • Students look forward to the contests because they can build confidence in performing, receive feedback from highly qualified judges, and even win prizes!
  • Adult pianists love the contests because they offer a low-stress environment to share their music with a supportive audience.
  • Parents know that our family-friendly site, with its emphasis on artistry and exceptional quality, is a safe place for their children to grow.

To access all Piano Club features requires a monthly subscription of $25 USD / month

Enter ongoing performance contests
Build musicianship skills including listening, music theory and music history
Become part of a vital music community

This monthly subscription covers an individual or an entire family and gives you full access to the Yamazaki Piano Club.

(Subscription can be cancelled at any time)

Contest Schedule for Academic Year 2022-2023
Six contests will be offered every academic year (July - June)

  • Contest - 2022-Piano-01 - Expression

    Submission Deadline - Saturday 07/30/22

  • Contest - 2022-Piano-02 - Discovery

    Submission Deadline - Saturday 10/15/22

  • Contest - 2022-Piano-03 - Celebration

    Submission Deadline - Thursday 01/05/2023

  • Contest - 2023-Piano-01 - Awakening

    Submission Deadline - Sunday 02/26/2023 - Special prize for the best performance of a piece by a Black Composer

  • Contest - 2023-Piano-02 - Passion

    Submission Deadline - Saturday 04/29/2023 - Special prize for the best performance of a piece by a Woman Composer

  • Contest - 2023-Piano-03 - Enjoyment

    Submission Deadline - Saturday 06/24/2023

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