So much music, so little time!

We believe that listening to classical music is an art form, and just as important as practicing, composing, studying, or teaching!  We invite all of you – teachers, students, families – to join us in learning to listen and in sharing our ideas about the great masterpieces, old and new.

Julie Harris will lead the monthly Listening group, as we meet on Zoom to refine our listening skills, meet one another and exchange ideas in lively inspiring discussions.  It’s so exciting for musicians of all levels and ages to get together in a community of nurturing and sharing.  Our club is committed to family-friendly content and interchange, so parents can relax, knowing that your children are in a safe online environment.

Hello!  My name is Julie Harris, and I’m in love with listening to classical music!  I started this love affair many years ago when I spent an entire summer going through a friend’s extensive CD collection, listening to each piece over and over until it was in my very bones. After that, I started my own collection.  Then, when the Internet offered me a limitless opportunity, I turned listening into an art form. 
Now I’d love to share that joy with each of you!  I have recently teamed up with Dr. Akiko Yamazaki to form a new kind of piano club, one that offers experiences in learning, sharing, multi-media presentations and of course … listening!

You are invited to begin the never-ending, always-enthralling journey of listening to great music.  Our listening will be done in a group, via Zoom.  Julie will give a brief introduction, then we will all listen to one piece of music. After the piece is finished, all of you will give your impressions, feelings, discoveries. Then we’ll disclose the name of the piece, the composer, and interesting historical facts about the composition and the period of time.  We will then listen again and talk more as a group, noticing how our first impressions may have changed with more information and a second hearing.  Our total time together in each monthly session will be about one hour.

  • Listening - June 2023

    Saturday 06/10/23 5 pm ET

  • Listening - July 2023

    Saturday 07/08/23 5 pm ET

  • Listening - August 2023

    Saturday 08/12/23 5 pm ET

  • Listening - September 2023

    Saturday 09/09/23 5 pm ET

We hope you will join us on the second Saturday of each month, at 5 pm, to discover new pieces, renew the acquaintance of old favorites, learn more about a wide variety of composers, and simply fall in love with classical music!

Articles from Past Listening Sessions

All of our listening sessions are based on exciting articles that are fun to read as well as being educational. If you’re a Piano Club subscriber, you have access to these articles at any time after the listening sessions.

2023 May: A Most Famous Unknown Composer

2023 Apr: Pictures and Tone Colors

2023 Mar:  Music of the Night

2023 Feb: Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint Georges

2023 Jan: Learning to Listen


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