Franz Liszt’s Consolation No.3 In Db major is a simple but elegant masterpiece. To say Liszt and simple in the same sentence, when describing one of his piano works, almost sounds like an oxymoron as he is most known for his exceedingly difficult and challenging repertoire; yet here he has blessed us with this simple gem.

When I first heard this piece in 2016, it was love at first listen. I was enraptured by the beautiful flowing melody and the simple soothing pattern of the left hand. When I first started learning this piece a picture did not immediately come to mind as I was still in the learning phase. My largest struggle with this piece was lining up the polyrhythms between the right and left hands. Once I had mastered these, the challenge then became not overthinking it and keeping the fine balance of being expressive, but also in time, not too much rubato, nor too robotic. After I had mastered all of these, I was finally able to truly enjoy the piece and the image that this piece invokes for me flowed subtly into my mind like a gentle breeze against your face at midnight. A fairy, or female spirit, sitting next to a stream and singing to the moon as the waters flow calmly at her feet. Each and every time I play this piece, these are the images that come into my imagination vividly, and I feel as though I am there as she serenades the night.

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Machiko Saegusa-Cole
Machiko Saegusa-Cole(@machiko-saegusa-cole)
6 months ago

Picture I love this picture to this piece! It definitely shows she is reaching for something joyful, in her own little world. Intro Wow! Thank you for sharing your interpretation of this beautiful piece! You just made me love this piece even more… In fact, I may go and play it for myself this afternoon  ?  You are right, this piece is so difficult, especially lining up the polyrhythms and making… Read more »

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
7 months ago

I love it. Sounds so simple, mild but full of elegance. Yes, I agree. It was best serenade. I wish I can enjoy this music every night.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
Reply to  Lotchie Carmelo
1 month ago

Congrats, Myles.

Julie Harris
Julie Harris(@julie-harris)
7 months ago

Thank you for the gift of your music, Myles. You are a true artist. I laughed at your description of “simple Liszt” as an oxymoron. So much of Liszt is quite challenging, as you said, but this piece is pure beauty. I have already listened to your performance three times and plan to come back over and over. I had forgotten how gorgeous this Consolation really is; now I want to share… Read more »

Linda Rock
Linda Rock(@linda-rock)
7 months ago

Myles, your words are as magical as your music. I was swept away on that gentle breeze. What a very special talent you have. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Marianna Pieterse
Marianna Pieterse(@marianna-pieterse)
7 months ago

Myles, this truly is such a gentle, lovely melody. I enjoyed listening to it. I agree with Linda, you are very talented. You played this beautifully.

Yash Mehta
Yash Mehta(@yash-mehta)
7 months ago

I love how it is so elegant and you played it just perfectly. Even though this is a hard piece, it seemed like you played it with ease.

Carrie OLeary
Carrie OLeary(@carrie-oleary)
7 months ago

I do wonder what Liszt was imagining when he wrote this piece, Myles, but I do think your description would surpass anything that he imagined. Simply beautiful

Last edited 7 months ago by Carrie OLeary
Lola Mestas
Lola Mestas(@lola-mestas)
7 months ago

This is such a beautiful piece and a beautiful performance.

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