I chose “Autumn Is Here” by William Gillock because it’s autumn, and I really like this piece. When you start off this piece, it’s like you’re about to fall off a tree. Like a leaf, you slowly make your way down until you land on the ground where the piece gets very soft and gentle. Or you could picture it like you’re walking through a path with lots of trees around you. It’s autumn, so there are leaves falling down as you walk through the path, like the picture I chose for this piece.

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Julie Harris
Julie Harris(@julie-harris)
1 month ago

Hello Zoe! Once again, you’ve shared a wonderful piece with all of us. I too love Autumn, so your presentation really spoke to me.

Your performance was impressive. You kept a constant, perfect tempo throughout, and used different dynamics effectively. The dynamic balance between left and right hand was nicely controlled and worked beautifully.

I really liked your ending. The way you slowed down, held both hands still for a few seconds and then gracefully lifted both hands was very artistic and added to the charm of the performance. I always think endings are very important.

Your intro was enchanting! I had never heard this piece before, but since you had described the leaves falling, as soon as you started playing I had a picture in my head that made the music even more enjoyable.

Thank you for another great picture. I remember the picture for your canoe piece, and now this one is just as beautiful. The picture really helps the online audience know more about the piece.

Great job!

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
1 month ago

Hello, Zoe. Thanks for the lovely picture. It is a great performance and a lovely melody. Well done.

Lola Mestas
Lola Mestas(@lola-mestas)
1 month ago

You convey the spirit of autumn well in this piece! Lovely performance.

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