Haydn’s Sonata in D Major is an expressive, playful, and energetic piece. The interchanging voicing and harmonies in the sonata meld together to produce a beautiful composition. Some parts are surprising and different, while others flow and glide. In the picture, you see a man regarding a waterfall with wonder and amazement, just like how the sonata is a waterfall. Some parts come down easily, while other currents hit rocks and surprises, sending up clouds of water drops. The piece reminds me of a journey, stopping at some parts with dramatic “trumpets”, and marching on at others.  

One of my favorite parts was the beginning of the development. You hear the main melody in a different hand and key. It’s like looking at something from a different angle. You see something you’ve never seen before, a different element of the melody. 

Overall, this sonata is an amazing piece that showcases all the beautiful elements of the classical era.

~ Presentation by Jason Sliwowski

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    Dr. Marcia Bosits
    Dr. Marcia Bosits(@marcia-bosits)
    10 months ago

    Picture You chose a really interesting picture to represent your Haydn sonata movement.  It features two images which you correlate to aspects of the piece.   The waterfall represents the sonata itself, and the exuberant individual suggests the wonder and amazement one feels in both situations (hearing the music or seeing the natural phenomenon).  This presents an opportunity for your audience to imagine, identify, and relate to the music in an original… Read more »

    Julie Harris
    Julie Harris(@julie-harris)
    10 months ago

    Hello Jason! First I must tell you that your picture and your description of the man “regarding a waterfall with wonder and amazement” was so beautiful. I will always remember this piece now, and your comparison to a waterfall. Wonderful intro and picture. Your performance of the piece was exciting! You’ve mastered all the little flourishes that make Haydn so great – the variety of ornaments, the dynamic contrasts, the joyful energy… Read more »

    Lola Mestas
    Lola Mestas(@lola-mestas)
    10 months ago

    This performance really does capture the classical era! Excellent performance.

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    10 months ago

    Amazing performance, Jason. I am imagining how happy and proud your parents are. Are you and Lucy siblings? 

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    Reply to  Lotchie Carmelo
    7 months ago

    Congrats, Jason.

    Myles Spencer
    Myles Spencer(@myles-spencer)
    10 months ago

    Jason, I am at a loss for words of how amazing of a performance this was, and how amazing of a performer you are! Your polish and execution of piano works are so professional and Avant garde, that I feel as though I am listening to one of the piano greats play it! This was such a great performance of a classical style piece and was very characteristic. Also bravo on managing… Read more »

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