I Am Water

Another nice poem from member Eric Radcliffe

I am silent, gentle in flowing, caressing, soothing, calming.
I am hard as rock, wild and crashing, reckless in dashing, splashing, cascading

I am the rainbow, the snowflake, ever changing, inspiring, ever free
I am the storm, the spring shower 

I am the messenger in christening, the force in nature that helps her grow,  
the source of life.

I am the seas the oceans – I swoon to the moon as I ebb and flow

I am the calmness in the veil of the mist
I change storm clouds from black to grey to white, to blue, moving from imperfect to perfect

I am rain- hail- icicles- puddles- streams – seas and rivers, waterfalls too
I am the performer
I am the miracle of life.

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25 days ago

A lovely, life-affirming poem. My favorite line is “I am the calmness in the veil of the mist”. That special line seems to capture the mystery and dual nature of water. I like this poem very much!

Sandra James
17 days ago

Beautiful poem, Eric. Something to pause and reflect on instead of all the sad news around us at the moment. Thank you. It left me with a smile and a lovely positive feeling.

musing mind
8 days ago

Very lovely poem! It is very calming to read.

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