This Unploughed Field

The best haiku poems give us a brief glimpse into one moment, but also open us up to deeper questions.   Member Eric Radcliffe has created such a haiku.  Thanks, Eric.

This unploughed field, with idle scarecrow
this flat tombstone
this untaught mind.

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2 months ago

Eric, this haiku is very thought-provoking. The thought of it has stayed with me long after the first reading. I like your leap from scarecrows and unploughed fields and tombstones to the “untaught mind”. The first three are devoid of life – there’s a rich comparison there.

musing mind
1 month ago

Love reading Haiku Poems like yours.

Sandra James
1 month ago

I enjoyed this very much, Eric. I think I will remember it next time I see a scarecrow. A beautiful image.

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