Your Voice, Your Words, Your Story

(Thanks to member Eric Radcliffe, who sent us this lovely poem, which beautifully describes the importance of each of our voices.  Thank you, Eric!)

We breathe life into words when written and spoken,

they become the expression of our vibration, for they speak of who we are, of the choices made, and of who we wish to be.

You are the sound behind the words that live in laughter and tears from the lessons that made us, taught us, when we faced and overcame our fears.

They become the words of innocence found in children

in their verse and rhyme, for they create, inspire, build the desire to Love all.

And of the words that should have been spoken, written,

but were left asleep, to lay deep, and later on for sorrow to follow.

To find your Pen, your voice, is to make your own space

It is standing up to take your place

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Hridini Pandey
3 months ago

Beautiful poem!

Melissa Taggart
3 months ago

I love the last line of the poem. It is something I have just learned to do in recent times. Beautiful poem, Eric!

Carrie OLeary
2 months ago

I particularly like this line ‘but were left asleep, to lay deep, and later on for sorrow to follow.’ It really makes you want to put pen to paper before your words are lost in the aether. Thank you for sharing

Susan Giles
2 months ago

May we all stand up to take our place.  Thank you for the encouragement.

musing mind
2 months ago

Very beautifully written. The first line itself captures the whole zest. Thanks for sharing.

Culture Dragon
2 months ago

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Sandra James
2 months ago

Your poem really touched me, Eric. The last two lines are so inspiring – years ago I was discouraged from writing poetry by a cruel teacher. Thankfully, I found my pen, my voice and my space and I eventually stood up and took my place!

Christer Norrlof
1 month ago

The beginning of your beautiful poem reminded me of the biblical statement, “The word was with God and the word was God.” As an act of creation, you say that “We breathe life into words.” That shows so much love, understanding and respect for the spoken and written word and makes me realize my responsibility for what I put out there. Thank you, Eric!

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