Thank you for your interest in my code samples. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to study my code. I will be glad to answer any further questions you may have. Please expand the code samples below to review the snippets. In addition, my cover page summarizes my work history and past clients. At any time, you can click the blue button above to return to my cover page.
Every project is different. The sample code below, server architecture, database designs, and other decisions are project specific and may not apply to other projects. I made these particular decisions to coordinate into a specific set of budget, scope, and other constraints.
Below is an outline of a real world code task for a previous project. To demonstrate my work, I will outline setting the goal, identifying a known issue, and how I solved this issue. Some code has been hidden to protect private authentication keys. Also these code snippets are only a small part of a much larger platform.
Note: My non-standard naming conventions are derived from over two decades of C# coding. Earlier versions of PHP did not support types, and I was trained in type based languages. Therefore, sometimes I may use a lowercase prefix on some variables as a reminder of their types. However, I can easily adapt to any standard naming convention that a new coding team requires.

Sample 1 – Goal – Image Upload via WordPress API

Sample 2- Kendo ReactJS Grid in WordPress

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