Contest – 2020-Flash-01 – Resilience


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2020-Flash-01 – (CLOSED)

  • Grand Prize (Staff Pick) – $50 Amazon Gift Card
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2020-Flash-01 – “Resilience”

Resilience can be defined as the capacity to quickly recover from challenging circumstances.  At this time of global uncertainty, even the simplest daily tasks require a skilled balancing act. 
For our first “Flash Fiction” contest, we invite you to write a story that features resilience.  What difficulties will you set up for your characters? How will they recover from their challenges?  Fiction is a great way to express yourself, and come up with possible solutions and unimagined paths. 
Inspire us!

Double-check your story against the rules below, and make all corrections BEFORE you send!  Multiple entries of the same story will be disqualified.

Ensure your entry follows these rules:
  • Correct length (350 words or less)
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Family-friendly content
Include some reference to the concept of resilience.
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