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Chris - Beijing, China - Medicine Garden

Community Outreach thru Music

When I started playing guitar at age six, I never dreamed music would take me around the world ten times over!   I had amazing experiences touring USA, Europe, South America,  and living a decade in Asia.  I met wonderful people, and experienced many joys and sorrows.

Alas, I retired from guitar while living in China in 2012, and I did not return to music for ten years.  When the Ukraine / Russia war started in spring of 2022, I felt a calling to return to music.

Since I left all my guitars in a music studio in China, I decided to search for a new sound.  A close friend in Shenzhen had gifted me a trumpet, so I decided to pull it out of the closet, and start from scratch!

With my new instrument and sound, my goal is to bring classical and golden era music into the daily life, where I feel it is needed most.  Your support allows me to bring music onto the streets, and along with the music, maybe also a little peace ~

谢谢 (thanks)
Trumpet Monk

My last and final recording on guitar

It was a hot and sweaty day near the Hong Kong border, as we searched for the perfect studio to record this final song.  After trying and discarding several well known studios, we finally ended up at a small obscure studio owned by an old man named Situ.  He loved American jazz, and together we recorded this track, with no edits, all on the first take:

My Music Highlights:

I have performed in the UNC and East Coast USA area for years including for the Kenan Family, the Dean Smith Family, Eric Montross (Boston Celtics), and the Bassett Furniture Family on the exclusive Jupiter Island, Florida. Also at the Carolina Club, Biltmore House, Grove Park Inn, Charleston Yacht Club, and Walnut Creek Amphitheater.

I worked around the south east with the band “Soul Desire” for years.  On of the most memorable shows was opening for Joe Cocker, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and B.B. King

I have also recorded or performed with members of the hit retro band Squirrel Nut Zippers, as well as Mickey Mills and Steel (Reggae), the North Carolina Theatre Orchestra, the UNC Classical Guitar Ensemble, and world famous Gypsy Kings.

In addition, I have toured the world with music many times over. I performed for private high society functions in Beijing and held a three-year house gig at a Six Star resort above Dameisha Beach Park overlooking the Hong Kong Bay.

Also performed for a very famous company in China – Tencent Corporation – who created the Chinese WeChat app, and became one of the highest grossing multimedia companies in the world.

For years, I managed the foreign music for a multimillion dollar up scale jazz bar “UKlub” located in the bustling, high tech city of Shenzhen, China.

Currently I work with an internet music startup led by Dr. Akiko Yamazaki, an amazing performer and educator, who holds a doctorate in classical piano pedagogy. Together, with an amazing and talented team, we are launching a new internet music education project –

Instrumental Trumpet Music

Recent Solo Performance:
UNC Chi Psi Fraternity Cocktail

"Chris- Thanks for coming out! We had a lot of fun and everyone was loving you!"
University of North Carolina - Chi Psi Fraternity Private Function

UNC Sigma Chi Fraternity:

UNC - Sigma Chi Fraternity

Sample Sounds

My One And Only Love

Memories to last a lifetime – that is what the life is all about.  When performing at private events, my focus is making sure that your friends and family build lasting memories.

Recent Solo Performance:
UNC Sigma Chi Fraternity Parents Weekend

"Hey Chris! Was great having you Saturday.
Would love to have you back soon it was awesome. "
University of North Carolina
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Sigma Chi Fraternity

UNC Chi Psi Fraternity Private Event

University of North Carolina - Chi Psi Fraternity Private Function

Special thanks to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

My story would not be possible without our world class university.  Serving live music on the street is my way of giving back to our UNC community.  I would also like to thank three of my many outstanding professors:

Dr. Li-ling Hsiao“Language can never be separated from culture”
Dr. Lauren Leve“Never underestimate the power of physical representations to convey belief systems”
Dr. Mark Evan Bonds – “Beethoven was much more than just a scowl!

Chris founded the "China Blues" band in Beijing,
and experienced a decade of music performance in mainland China.

Shenzhen, China - On tour with the "China Blues" band.

Chris has worked as a backup musician for many Chinese singers, and members of the Shenzhen and Shanghai Orchestras.

Hong Kong
High Society - Classical Music
Shenzhen China
Uklub - Foreign Music Manager
Private functions and events with members of the Shenzhen Orchestra
Beijing, China
East West Jazz and Blues

Chris has shared music around the world...

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