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Heathcote, Victoria, Australia (Adult) I always wanted to write and worked as a journalist when I completed high school, before becoming a stay home Mum to four children. All four of my grandparents loved gardening in various forms and I think I’ve inherited a little from each of them. I hope I can inspire my three wonderful grandchildren in a similar way. For seventeen years I have produced a monthly short story and poetry magazine, Positive Words, a labour of love that has brought immeasurable satisfaction to me and joy to the readers, contributors and subscribers. I live near a small town in Central Victoria and am blessed with wonderful family, amazing friends and lots of pets. Sincere thanks for your wonderful ZenGarden.club site, inspiring prompts and the opportunity to write, enter and be featured. (2020.08.12) Note: Sandra joins us from our partner site, ZenGarden.club, where she has been an active participant for quite a long time! Welcome, Sandra.

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