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Gurugram, Haryana, India - (High School) - Born in 2006, I’ve been writing since I was eight. Before that, I had no clue writing would become my passion. A lot of people say that writing is how they pour their hearts out. But for me . . . writing allows me to look through different eyes, in any and every possible way. The charm of it is that it gives me the freedom of being invisible. Invisible and transparent. I work with quite a few genres: action, adventure, fantasy, thriller, horror, poetry, flash-fic. I’ll be trying a hand at crime, mystery, romance, sci-fi and dystopian soon. Plus, I love cliffhangers . . . only when I write them. I’ve published a fantasy-adventure e-novel, The Lost City, as well as a small poetry book, Dew of Destiny. I also write for an NGO called The Peace Gong. I enjoy art and photography too, but I’m not much into gardening. Ever since I found out about Zen Garden, though, I’ve been able to keep my marigold (the only plant my mother trusts me with) alive for longer than a week. Sort of. -- Welcome to Tejal Doshi, who was one of our star writers on ZenGarden.club! (2019.08.12)

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