Chatter Update - 5 credits per post

We have updated our section – achieving a more simple, streamlined look.  We are also currently improving our comment features.  In addition, now for each approved Post you submit in Chatter, you earn 5 credits!

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Current Leader

Andrew Carter

Congratulations to our Current Leader, for reaching the top of our current credit chart!
Current Leaders - Credits (Temporary)
  1. Andrew Carter (254)
  2. Eric Radcliffe (138)
  3. Carrie OLeary (135)
  4. Fuji (134)
  5. Juma (124)
  6. Culture Dragon (115)
  7. Sandra James (112)
  8. Susan Dawson (99)
  9. musing mind (69)
  10. Linda Rock (43)

Credit Race


Our “Credit Race” is now open!  The first member to earn 400 credits will receive the following gift:

Members outside of the USA will receive a $10 USD gift code to purchase the book.

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