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We have recently launched a new section of,,  that is focused on climate change.  This featured post was one of the first stories published by that refers to climate change.  Many of our writers have been very eloquent in their discussions of this timely topic.  
Just click on the image to read the entire story, and be sure and also read the corresponding comments from club members.

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Christer Norrlof seems to have an endless collection of wonderful stories that stem from actual events in his fascinating past.  He is continually pulling from this collection to write new stories that not only entertain, but also  make us think.  We have all appreciated the photos he has shared, which are windows into the life of this multi-faceted man.  Christer not only writes incredible stories, but he also writes comments that are enlightening, educational and inspiring.
Just click on his full name to visit Christer Norrlof’s profile page and learn more about this talented writer and profound thinker – the kind of person you’d like to invite in for a cup of tea and a long chat.

Voice Message

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Greetings friends!  Our Stars page highlights trending members of the Voice club. 

There are different ways to earn credits that accumulate over time, and are listed on your account page.  These activities not only earn you credits, but can make you a better writer as well!

One of the best ways to be a vital part of the community is to read member stories, then offer your own insightful, supportive comments.  You can find new stories by going to the main menu and selecting Discourse or Search

You can earn larger blocks of credits by recording a story in your voice!  You can read your own story, or one of your favorite stories by another member. These stories may also be published on our Alexa app.  To begin the recording process, simply go to Portal in the main menu, then select Audio Record.  We look forward to hearing your own unique voice!   

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