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Our traditional end-of-year offering is for stories written by our Patrons.  Help us celebrate another wonderful year, and express your gratitude to our talented Patrons by reading their stories and giving them comments. Thanks to each and every one of you for making 2021 a very memorable year. 
Just click on the image to read the entire story, and be sure and also read the corresponding comments from club members.

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Melissa Taggart was one of the earliest members of the Voice Club. Her unique writing voice has treated us to stories of oceans and fishing boats and explorations of the human mind and spirit. Her titles are often works of art in themselves! 
She is a great believer in our family-friendly mission and has been influential in building our comfortable, safe environment. In addition to being a writer who asks us to explore our own depths, Melissa is also an accomplished photographer. Some of her black and white photos are truly unforgettable.
Just click on the blue button above which contains her name to visit Melissa’s profile page and learn more about this talented writer and photographer  – one of the vital members of our Voice Club family.

Voice Message

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Greetings friends!  Our Stars page highlights trending members of the Voice club. 

There are different ways to earn credits that accumulate over time, and are listed on your account page.  These activities not only earn you credits, but can make you a better writer as well!

One of the best ways to be a vital part of the community is to read member stories, then offer your own insightful, supportive comments.  You can find new stories by going to the main menu and selecting Discourse or Search

You can earn larger blocks of credits by recording a story in your voice!  You can read your own story, or one of your favorite stories by another member. These stories may also be published on our Alexa app.  To begin the recording process, simply go to Portal in the main menu, then select Audio Record.  We look forward to hearing your own unique voice!   

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