Bryan felt his pulse race as his mind ran through corridor after corridor as if he were in an escape room and had to break free from the site of the game. But the more he pushed through, the more he felt trapped in this infinite maze of rooms connected by doors and corridors, attics, and loft ladders, which seemed to keep him locked in a never-ending cycle of pain. What’s more, it felt like the walls were now closing in, making him recede further into a corner. However, he knew that this was all in his head. In reality, he was standing at a train station about to catch a train to a job interview.
What if he failed or worse made a fool of himself? What if he did not get the job? No one had ever believed in him because he had never actually succeeded in anything. He was back in his thoughts, in that familiar maze feeling small, trapped, and alone. This time he knew that he could not back down. For if he did, he would have to face the emptiness again. That feeling darker than grief, colder than ice, a terrifying state to be trapped in, that weighs you down like a cloak of lead, poisoning the mind. He closed his eyes and began to breathe as he summoned every bit of strength inside of him to push himself forward.
“The darkness will never defeat me if my determination to succeed is stronger than my fear,” he contemplated. And as he took a deep breath, he stopped running away from the voices that taunted him in his mind, wanting to convince him that he is nothing but a fraud. Suddenly, a feeling of tranquility swept over him, and he felt strangely at peace. And as he closed his eyes again with a new sense of confidence, he looked at the rusted door of his mind that kept him from escaping and swiftly pulled back the bolt. Yes, many had believed he would fail, but only he could rule his fate.
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