5:25 AM, the alarm went off slowly growing in volume until she rolled over and turned it off.  Darkness kept her in bed for hours.  The cold kept her there longer.  It was Sunday.  Nowhere to be.  No reason to get up, at least not an urgent one.  Honestly it was just so hard to do anything when even high noon was dull and overcast.

As time continued to crawl she grew anxious.  There were plenty of things she could be – should be – doing, but no real motivation to do any of it.  Hard winter rain hammered the roof, and overflowed the gutters.  Hunger slowly woke in her stomach.  Stringy hair yearned to be washed.  She wanted to get up, wanted to be productive.  She just needed a catalyst.

Tea.  The thought was like a lantern leading her onwards through the cold to her destination.  She slithered out of bed still wrapped in her blankets, filled the kettle and set it to heat on the stove.

The cupboard held a wealth of choices: mint for stomach aches, chamomile for sleep, green tea for Chinese takeout, Chai tea for Indian, orange spice for hot summer days, rooibos for the cool of autumn, cherry blossom…

Her hand hovered over the Sakura tea.  Light petals dried dark pink, scent evocative of a gentle spring day.  Gentle showers a reprieve from the heavy winter downpour.  Songbirds flitting about the lawn.  Flowers painting the vista in vibrant splashes.

Petals rustled as she scooped them into the tea ball.  The kettle whistled.  Steam floated from the spout and hot water turned brownish-pink in her mug.  A drizzle of honey completed the brew.

She shuffled around the house, tossing socks in the washer, toasting a sandwich, sweeping up the crumbs…  Between each task she took a sip alternating which hand warmed itself around the mug.  Her to-do list dwindled with the scarce daylight hours.

She retreated back under the covers vowing to wash her hair in the morning.  There was still much to do.  But much less thanks to a cup of stolen spring.

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Eric Radcliffe
Eric Radcliffe(@eric-radcliffe)
2 years ago

Welcome to the Voice club Cheshire. Your story is as refreshing as your cup of cherry blossom tea. You will connect with every reader, because we have all felt the snugness of the warm bed, and all the matter of fact things we all relate to. Well written.

Last edited 2 years ago by Eric Radcliffe
Susan Giles
Susan Giles(@susan-giles)
2 years ago

This story reminded me of how I feel some days. Nothing better than a cup of hot tea and a snuggle under the covers.

Christer Norrlof
Christer Norrlof(@christer-norrlof)
2 years ago

Your style is very descriptive, Cheshire, and it is very easy to image the scenery in one’s mind. I like the style and the way you describe the mental and physical state of the girl.

Linda Rock
Linda Rock(@linda-rock)
2 years ago

Nothing like tea to lure you out of bed even when you lack enthusiasm and on the coldest of mornings! A really enjoyable read.

Dipayan Chakrabarti
Dipayan Chakrabarti(@dipayan-chakrabarti)
2 years ago

The character of the girl is represented with subtle particularity as her mental and physical condition gradually unfolds.

Sandra James
Sandra James(@sandra-james)
2 years ago

That need for catalyst will, I’m sure, resonate with everyone. I love that tea motivates her and decreases the to-do list while she is swapping hands on the warm mug. Well done, Cheshire!

Carrie OLeary
Carrie OLeary(@carrie-oleary)
2 years ago

Hi and welcome, Cheshire. I do believe you’ve written my Sunday. I certainly didn’t want to leave my warm covers this morning. My brew of choice at the moment is gingerbread green tea. So warming on a cold day. Can’t say I feel motivated yet though. Loved your story anyway. I really empathise with your protagonist.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
2 years ago

Well-written, Cheshire. I love it. Hope to read more stories from you.

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