I took off the polka-dotted pot from the stove. The sweet smell of tomato loaded the whole kitchen. I put two plates on the wide table. Sometimes I put three. It’s hard to let him go. He loved my pasta. I had to grate a ton of cheese on it to be good for him. Ricky is the same. He said everything is better with cheese.

I opened the front window and shouted his name. Silence. I knew I had to go to the shed. He spent a lot of time there with his dad. He could barely walk, but he was toddling after him and making a mess everywhere. Later Alan taught him how to drive a nail. This little pickle spiked my hat to the hanger. I remember Alan seeing it and laughing out loud. I would let Ricky do that again, just to hear that insane laugh.

I unhooked my pinky straw from the nail and began my journey to the backyard. We had a huge territory, dressed in green. Breathtaking. I couldn’t imagine that one day I’ll leave the big city life for this. For him. The long blades of grass were tickling my ankles as I was walking. I gave another shot.

“Ricky, can you hear me?” I yelled.

“I’m here, working on something,” came the answer from the building.

The room was small and messy. I wanted to clean it out, but I didn’t have the fortitude to do it. He had a huge deck on the table and painting equipment.

“What are you doing, honey?” I asked him kindly.

“I don’t want you to be sad anymore. I decided to make these special wings. You can visit daddy with them. I just need some help with the carving,” he said with enthusiasm.

Tears were running down my cheeks. How can someone be so pure? He stretched out his right hand to wipe off my tears.

“Of course, I’ll help you, my little angel,” I said while reaching for the gouge.

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Sandra James
Sandra James(@sandra-james)
1 year ago

Oh Brigitta, I have tears running down my cheeks! So very sad but you have written it beautifully. I want to hug them both. Thank you for a wonderful read 🙂

Christer Norrlof
Christer Norrlof(@christer-norrlof)
1 year ago

This is such a sad story, Brigitta, but also containing deep feelings of love and longing. You told us your story in a great way, with little details that made it possible to visualize the situation with the eyes of the mother.

Carrie OLeary
Carrie OLeary(@carrie-oleary)
1 year ago

What a bittersweet tale Brigitta, I feel so sorry for them both, but they still have each other so they can remember. Nicely done.

Eric Radcliffe
Eric Radcliffe(@eric-radcliffe)
1 year ago

Hi Brigitta, this is a sad story, but it also gives us the feeling that they will cope in the end, in their own way.

Linda Rock
Linda Rock(@linda-rock)
1 year ago

I love the sentence ‘I would let Ricky do that again, just to hear that insane laugh’. That tells me everything I need to know about your protagonist’s loss. A sad story Brigitta that pulls at the heart strings.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
1 year ago

Your story is so sad, Brigitta. But I am happy to have Ricky sympathize with your protagonist, his support and words are a big help to alleviating the sadness felt by your protagonist. I like what he said, “I don’t want you to be sad anymore. I decided to make these special wings. You can visit daddy with them. I just need some help with the carving”. Nicely done.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
Reply to  Brigitta Hegyi
1 year ago

You’re right, Brigitta. Sometimes the child becomes a mother’s strength to overcome everything.

1 year ago

Hello Brigitta – I love the new Stars page format that brings up different stories every time I open it! That new format led me to your story, which I must have missed when you first wrote it. A very sad story, written with love. We feel so close to all three members of the family. A nice interpretation of the “Wings” prompt.

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