Ice, broken-hearted by the destruction of her creations by Sun’s light, stood upon her balcony, weeping at her waning winter scene.

“I wish to bear a son,” said she, “With hair as white as Winter’s snow, body invisible as Wind’s sigh, soul black as the carrion crow and his will  that’s hard as iron. His heart the colour of the holly leaves, green with envy and spite and a gift to spill blood, red as the berries bright.”

Thus, after many seasons, Ice’s malevolence grew. Thence Black Ice was born to maim and cause destruction, until the end of time.

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    Thompson Emate
    Thompson Emate(@thompson-emate)
    2 years ago

    This sounds more of an epic story. I love epic stories. Hoping to write one, one day. Who will be ‘the Chosen One’ to save the people from Black ice?

    Julie Harris
    Julie Harris(@julie-harris)
    2 years ago

    What a creative story, Carrie! It’s nice to read about ice in late July, when the temperatures are soaring. Luckily it’s just normal hot here, not that unbearable Oregon or California hot of recent weeks. But ice still sounds good – just maybe not the Black Ice! I’ll revisit this story in January and see if I still like it  ? 

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    2 years ago

    We are lucky, there is no ice here in the Philippines. We will not experience the destruction caused by Black Ice. On the other hand, Thompson is right, Carrie. Your story is very epic. And I like the idea that he suggested a story about the “ chosen one ” that will save people from the black ice. It should be a fun read. Well done, Carrie.

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    Reply to  Carrie OLeary
    2 years ago

    You’re welcome, Carrie. Yes, Carrie, it is too hot here in the Philippines during summer.

    Eduardo Olivares
    Eduardo Olivares(@eduardo-olivares)
    2 years ago

    Love the moral spasm – so to speak – behind your well rounded text. I would like to see this brief story in a children’s book. What do you think? I can even envision the illustrations.

    Linda Rock
    Linda Rock(@linda-rock)
    2 years ago

    I love the use of colours in your story Carrie, they really bring it to life. And what a brilliant story it is. Ice cold and unforgettable.

    2 years ago

    Your story is gripping, Carrie, and the beautiful picture is a perfect fit! Good job.

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