“The forest will provide,” Bear had promised.

Sure enough, Denis carried a sack full of nuts, berries, mushrooms, greens and edible flowers. But he was also hopelessly lost and night was falling.

“Be still,” Bear had taught him. “The forest is not lost. It will find you.” Denis sat quietly, eyes closed, matching his breath to the rhythmic breathing around him. Finally he heard very faint splashing, hints of Katya’s laughter. His companions, camped by the waterfall!

He walked confidently toward the half-real, half-imagined light. The forest wrapped around him like a velvety green cloak, protecting him, setting him free.

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    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    2 years ago

    Hello, Juma. I love this continuing series. You have limitless imagination and possibilities in making your story grow and more interesting. I also liked how you started your story with these very engaging words: “The forest will provide.” It’s another well-written story in the series, Juma.

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    Reply to  Juma
    2 years ago

    You’re welcome, Juma. I do believe that too. Because we are living at the foot of the forest of Mount Malindang. And the forest never failed to give us the wild honey, animals for food, and wood for shelter, and so much more.

    Lotchie Carmelo
    Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
    Reply to  Juma
    2 years ago

    Yes, Juma. And all the food and honey we got in the forest was free. So the forest should be cared for and loved, and it will give you the blessings of nature for which we should be grateful.

    Carrie OLeary
    Carrie OLeary(@carrie-oleary)
    2 years ago

    I enjoyed this little chapter of your story Juma. You’re going to have to extend your search parameters next time to make sure you include this one as you don’t mention Katya this time. I love the idea of the forest not being lost. I feel that way when I’m up in Sherwood. The forest always knows exactly where I am, even if I do feel the occasional moment of confusion. Good… Read more »

    Marianna Pieterse
    Marianna Pieterse(@marianna-pieterse)
    2 years ago

    Juma, I enjoyed reading this chapter. I especially liked the line “The forest is not lost. It will find you.” I would love to know what happens next!

    Christer Norrlof
    Christer Norrlof(@christer-norrlof)
    2 years ago

    It is interesting to follow the friends’ adventures and see how they learn how to live in and harmonize with nature. You also have a beautiful language. For example, I love the expression “The forest wrapped around him like a velvety green cloak…”

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