Join us.

The words were kind, welcoming almost. They were waiting for her, waiting to welcome her home.  They were her family; they were her friends. They were waiting to welcome her into their sweet, cold, embrace.


That isn’t right, it should be a warm embrace.
This isn’t right.
None of this is right.
I need to get out of here.

She shuddered at the sudden urge to turn around piercing her mind. she didn’t know why she was running; she couldn’t see them but still knew they were there. They were watching her, waiting for her to tire out so they could swoop in and take her. She wouldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t.

Her legs burned, screaming at her to stop running. To just collapse, give up and let them take her. But why would that be so bad? Why was she running in the first place?


This isn’t right.
These aren’t my thoughts…
What is happening to me?

She ran on, quickening her pace, she had to get away. She had to get home.

But you’re already home.
We’re your family.
Why are you running from family?

Why was she running? It’s not like they wanted to hurt her.

So why did those words chill her to her core?

Those two simple words…

Join us.

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Barb Dukeman
Barb Dukeman(@barb-dukeman)
1 year ago

OMG what where they? The buildup of suspense is excellent. She’s gotta tire sometime.

Carrie OLeary
Carrie OLeary(@carrie-oleary)
1 year ago

Hi Erin, welcome to This story is excellent and beautifully paced to maintain the level of tension throughout the story. I love that we don’t know what she’s running from either. Great job!

Dipayan Chakrabarti
Dipayan Chakrabarti(@dipayan-chakrabarti)
1 year ago

There is a gradual build-up of suspense throughout the story, until the ending. Good work!

Thompson Emate
Thompson Emate(@thompson-emate)
1 year ago

Wow! There’s something about this story that is dark and twisty. Good write. Welcome to

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
1 year ago

Hello, Erin. Welcome to Voice club. It was an awesome story and beautifully written. The slow build-up of suspense makes my body shake with fear. I love it. 

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