She had made this journey countless times, but still knew that one moment of distraction, and she would be eternally trapped.

As she sailed through the bardo, poor encaged souls watched and recalled their own failures making it through this difficult passage.  She soared above the misery and madness, while demons below cursed and tried to pull her down into their eternal hell.

At last, just as before, she landed back on Earth!

The time was 2022, and she found herself in Beijing, with glimmering skyscrapers, and the bustle of modern life.

“The board members are impatient; they expect quarterly earnings reports and are running out of time,”  reminded her chauffeur.  Her other two bodyguards were on high alert.

“Tell the board members to change their suits and ties for boots and work gloves. They will drive the fleet of trucks I bought, and follow us into the countryside.”  She ordered her bodyguards to prepare.

“Is she crazy?”  The board members were furious, irate, and cursing her, until one member stood up and reminded them: “She is the most beautiful, youngest, most powerful and ruthless CEO in China.  The last man who crossed her, lost his business, his fortune, and his family.  I would advise we follow her orders.”

Her bodyguards readied one truck for each board member to drive.  In work boots and gloves, they were told to follow her limousine far from the city lights.

When they arrived, each board member was instructed to unload and deliver the crates of food to the poor farmers, workers, and children.  They did as they were told, not daring to cross her.

Finally, when all work was done, she stepped out of her limo, flanked by her bodyguards.  The farmers, workers, and poor women wept, children cheered, and board members bowed.

Her eyes of rare dark Crystal, glistened, new karma seed planted.  Forever grateful for her sacred secret.

Her secret was friendship with death.  It was so exciting, as it meant back through the bardo, a new life, and another new adventure.

She was timeless.

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Carrie OLeary
Carrie OLeary(@carrie-oleary)
1 year ago

This is an interesting tale. I love the idea of planting seeds of karma to determine the life you will move onto. I think I would like this friendship with death, being able to take the bardo from one life to another, carrying out benevolent deeds. Just imagine the possibilites, all the different experiences. Nicely done.

Lotchie Carmelo
Lotchie Carmelo(@lotchie-carmelo)
1 year ago

Wow. This is a beautiful and intriguing tale, Culture Dragon. My favorite line was, “Her secret was friendship with death”. Well done.

1 year ago

This really is a beautiful story, Culture Dragon. I love the idea of the high-powered executive ordering her elite board members to don work clothes and boots and distribute food to the needy. What a cool CEO she is! When a person no longer fears death, the sky’s the limit!!

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