There is a corner of paradise so perfect that it lacks a name to fully describe itself. In this place, there are no great monuments to humanity; none of history’s master artists have adorned the walls with feats of passion. Indeed, fields of rainbow roses are found elsewhere, and one would need to walk far away to reach the streets that are truly paved with gold.

No, on this side of paradise, there is a small, one room building that stands alone. Upon entering it, you may take a ticket from the dispenser and sit down. Once your number is called, you may approach the counter and ask the attendant anything you wish.

Some people ask small questions, others large, but everyone who enters this building leaves with a greater understanding of the world.

Two days ago, a woman visited, concerned that while on Earth, her nonprofit was unable to help as many people as she had wished. The attendant was happy to inform her that out of the 450 victims of arson that she had facilitated new homes for, 98% thought of her every day and considered her pivotal in their lives. The remaining 2% thought of her every other day.

Last week, a man visited, distraught that he would be forgotten, now that he was dead. The attendant took his hand and promised him that he would be remembered.

Out of the 61 family members he saw regularly, the 28 people he considered friends or good acquaintances, and the 11 people he viewed as closest to him, 88% were talking about him at that moment, 94% kept a picture of him in their home, and 100% would tell their children about the great times that they had together. The attendant offered to tell the man how often these individuals would cry for him, but he respectfully declined.

This building and its attendants do not offer truths so much as they do assurances, and the greatest assurance is that our lives are not just one in a million, they are one in infinity.

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Margarida Brei
Margarida Brei(@margarida-brei)
1 year ago

Wow, your story really tells of good news, David. Guess we all need reassuring that we are loved.

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